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Painful Ejaculation, Swolen Meatus, Sensative head

When I ejaculate my penis tingles and burns. Different parts of my head tingle, burn and are extra sensitive. Peeing is uncomfortable, and sometimes burns. The pee hole is more red than normal and right underneath has become loose looking and is extremely sensitive. It tingles in the urethra and sometimes burns. I went to see a GP and initial urine test showed no signs of anything, we are waiting for more to come back. I was prescribed an anti fungal cream and cortezone (spel?) . It doesn't seem to be helping. I have had the same sexual partner for 2 years now and am fairly certain of their sexual history.
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Get back to your doctor and let him know that the cream is not helping.  If there is fungal infection, it may be more helpful for you to be on the antifungal capsule medications that are taken by mouth.  Your doctor can prescribe and stronger and much longer dose to take than what you can buy at the pharmacy without a prescription.

Because you are experiencing pain when you pee and when you ejaculate, I would also suggest that you ask your doctor to refer you to a urologist.  He will be able to examine the urethra (the tube that is inside your penis)and check your urinary tract as well as the prostate.

In the meantime, drink plenty of fluids, non alcoholic.  Wash regularly, morning and evening and gently draw back the foreskin to wash.  Do NOT use any soaps, bath or shower gels, this will aggravate the delicate skin even more.  You can purchase from the pharmacy without a prescription, (or your doctor can prescribe for you) a moisturising emollient to use instead of soap.

It may be that you may need an antibiotic, but that can cause fungal problems.  The other thing to consider is if you have had an allergic reaction to any detergents, condoms, etc.  If you use condoms, only use the latex free ones.  Some people have an allergy to latex.  

Ensure that your partner too is not using any vaginal sprays that you may have a reaction to.

Tingling and burning inside the urethra can sometimes be from very tiny kidney stones passing through.  A kidney stone can be as small as a grain of sand, but can be very uncomfortable and painful when it is passed.
If the urine is too acidic, this can cause discomfort when urinating and to help ease the burning sensations as you urinate, drink a glass of water with a teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda.  You can do this 3 times with an hour in between each dose and no more.  If this does give you relief, then your symptoms won't be due to having acidic urine.

As a home remedy, you can apply natural set yogurt to your penis head to relieve your symptoms.  It will feel very cold.  There are no side effects using yogurt and you can use it as long as you need to.  Eating yogurt will also help you from the inside.

It may be worth your partner getting checked out for any fungal or bacterial infections to make sure that you are not being reinfected.

You do not say what type of test results you are waiting for.  It would be worth getting a blood test done to check your PSA levels (this is to see if there are any prostate problems, and a kidney function test as well as morning mid stream urine sample to check for any urinary tract infections.

Skin swabs would be able to show if there is any bacterial or fungal infections causing your problem.

Make an appointment to see your doctor and ask for a referral to a urologist.

Hope you get sorted out very soon.

let me know how you get on.
Best wishes.

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Thanks for the fast response and the advice.

I have an appointment on monday. and now it has started to feel like i still have to pee, but no pee and it kind of feels like a small needle. I have a blood test and two early stream urin test from two hours apart out.  he did a mid stream urin test already which came back negative. I havn't changed my soaps or detergents and my partner and I broke up right before this started so I am not worried about reinfection. I have started taking about 900 mg of garlic pills twice a day because i read somewhere that helps with some fungal infections. I also have white stuff in my mouth, but that has been recurring for a few years and i have had chronic fungal infections on my foot and inner thigh all this is why he thought it might be a fungal infection and suggested the Miconazo and Cortisone. Do you think i should try to see him before monday ? it is very uncomfortable. The head and meatus feel a little less sensitive now but not completely. The meatus looks less swollen but it is still noticeably a different color.
at the beginning there was just the sensitive spot right under the meatus, I dismissed this as some kind of friction rash. But after not masterbating for a few days, I did, and it burned, and all the other symptoms started to appear.

I just really want to figure out how to fix this.
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all but the early stream test have not come back yet.
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sorry, i meant the mid-stream test ***
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All test results are back as negative ! I have no idea whats wrong with me :(
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Now that you have mentioned that you have a fungal problem on you foot and inner thigh and the fact that you have "white stuff" in your mouth, you MUST tell this to your doctor.

It may be a good idea to see him before Monday (and especially about your pee problem).   Doctors don't like to deal with too many issues in one appointment and if the Monday appointment is with regard to your urine tests, then do make an appointment with him to talk about the fungal infections.  Your pee difficulty is a top priority to be dealt with.  Your doctor will tell you if he still wants you to come in on Monday.

The "white stuff" in your mouth needs investigating.  White stuff in the mouth can be from stomach problems, but as you already have fungal problems elsewhere, it is likely to be a fungal infection.  You need a specific anti-fungal medication for treating fungal infections in the mouth.  You can buy without a prescription from the pharmacy a gel called Daktarin specifically for oral thrush.  The doctor can prescribe that for you, or can give you a prescription for  oral drops to treat fungal infections in the mouth, you can't buy the drops without a prescription.  To confirm that you do have a fungal infection in the mouth, the doctor can order a swab to be taken and sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Eating natural yogurt will help as well as eating coconut oil.  Coconut oil has antibacterial, antifungal and anti virus properties.  You can use it to wash with as well as eat it.  Only buy the Virgin coconut oil, if you want to try it.

Make sure that you brush and floss your teeth regularly; brush at least twice a day.  If you have not flossed before, your gums are likely to bleed, but this will eventually stop and the gums will get much stronger.  See your dentist too to check for any abnormalities in the mouth.

You may need a long course of Itraconazole anti-fungal oral capsules.  You can purchase without a prescription a single dose capsule of Fluconazole 100mg or a 200mg, but because you have a fungal problem for quite some time, I do not feel that this will be adequate to treat your problem.

Regardless that you have used the same soap for a long time, using soaps is very drying to the skin.  With having the inner thigh problem, as well as treating any fungal or bacterial problem in that area, you need to use a moisturiser.  Your doctor can prescribe an emollient that you can use instead of soap (you can buy that without a prescription from a pharmacy).  The doctor can also prescribe an fine oil spray called Emollin to help moisturise your skin if he feels this will help.

If you have not had a blood test to check whether you have pre diabetes or diabetes, this would be a good idea to ask your doctor to check you for that. Or send you to have a glucose test.  People who have these conditions are very prone to getting fungal infections.  It is important therefore, to have a healthy and well balanced diet and cut down or cut out junk foods, sugary and processed foods.  Fungus loves sugar and moisture.

If you have not had a blood test to check the PSA levels with regard to the prostate that too would be a good idea to have done.  Speak with your doctor about that.  If you get a referral to a urologist, the doctor doing the blood test will save a lot of time.

The doctor can also take a swab from the inner thigh area to find out what type of bacteria/fungus you have there.

Unfortunately, this type of condition is very slow to heal and you do need to keep good hygiene.  Wear cotton underpants and nothing tight.  Nylon and manmade fabrics will make you sweat more which encourages yeast growth.

I still feel that you need an appointment with a urologist and that there is a problem with either your prostate or urinary tract.  If you are having an urge to urinate and nothing is coming out, this can be very serious and an indication of an enlarged prostate.  If you find that your belly is swelling up and you are not able to pee at all, despite having a strong urge to pee, go to the emergency room immediately.  Don't forget to tell your doctor of this symptom if you have not mentioned it to him before, or remind him of it, if you have.

Bathing with 2 cupfuls of Epsom Salts with some baby oil or coconut oil in the water will help to neutralise the pH level on the skin in the thigh and genital area.  Epsom Salts can be purchased on line - the pharmacist does not usually stock large quantities of this.  Epsom salts contain magnesium which enters through the skin and magnesium is beneficial to our well being.

The most URGENT problem for you right now is to get medical attention (urgently) with regard to experiencing the needle pain and more so that you are not able to pee.  Like I mentioned above, if you are not able to pee despite having the urge and you notice other symptoms like your trousers getting tight, go to the hospital ER straight away.

I have given you lots of information.  

I suggest you make a list of ALL your symptoms and give the list to your doctor when you see him.

Just to remind you - if you are not able to pee despite have a strong urge to do so, seek IMMEDIATE URGENTY medical attention.

Let me know how you get on.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Thank you, i will make a list.
The doctor called in a specialist who will see me monday.
unfortunately I could not get an appointment today and because I recently moved to sweden, nothing is open on the weekend but the ER .  
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I am glad to know that you will be seeing a specialist.

If there is a problem with peeing (no pee coming out or little dribbles when you have a strong urge to go) do remember to go to the ER.  Not being able to pee can be a very serious and life threatening situation.

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So today I wake up and now there are blisters in my bellybutton.
Not sure if this is relevant. But everyday I wake up with some new addition to all of this ...
I have been able to pee, it just hurts. So i havn't seen an need for the ER. But now my tummy is bloated and i have blisters in the belly button. The swelling on the meatus is not gone, my fremulun (the first thing to get sore and irritated) is still sore, a bit nauseous, and a bit of pain on my left side of my stomach in particular and I still have white **** on my tongue.

I feel like i am slowly falling a part, , , I really wish monday would come faster so i could see this doctor in person.
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Keep on eye on the blister and watch to see if you get any more anywhere on the body.  It may be chicken pox, if you have never had chicken pox before.

As it hurts when hurts, you should thing about seeking an emergency drop in doctor to check your urine for any infection in the urine as you may need an antibiotic.

Do make sure that you drink plenty of fluids and especially water.  Drinking a teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Water in a glass of water may help to ease the pain while you pee. You can have a glass of this 3 times with 1 hour in between each dose.

As a home help remedy, applying natural set yogurt to your genitals will help to cool down and ease the pain and discomfort.  There are no side effects doing this.

Still keep the appointment on Monday with the specialist even if you do get to see a drop in surgery doctor.  It may be worth considering getting checked out for any STD - see what the consultant comes up with on Monday.

Pee into a clean glass jar and look at the urine.  If it is cloudy, very dark and may smell very strongly, see the drop in doctor this weekend.

You mouth will continue to have white gunk on your tongue.  This may be a hygiene issue, a stomach problem or a fungal infection.  Each needs to be treated differently.  If it is caused by a fungal infection, you will need the antifungal medication that is specifically to treat oral thrush.
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So after seeing a dermatologist. They said its definitely not an STD, they said it doesn't look like an infection and based on there tests its likely not, they said its not cancer, fungal cream didn't do anything, no new blisters. They still have no idea whats wrong with me. So I was prescribed anti-biotics and I have another more extensive appointment with a dermatologist in 2 weeks. However, the doctor seems baffled ... they said what ever it is it doesn't look dangerous, but i am still worried.
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They gave me anti-biotics because they said there is a chance they missed something and want to see if it works.
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I am glad that they have given you the antibiotics and hope that it will help.

Be aware that taking antibiotics can encourage yeast overgrowth and you may require an antifungal for your skin and mouth.  Although natural yogurt (as well as saukraut cabbage) can help as they contain the good bacteria, make sure you read the antibiotic leaflet before you eat or drink the antibiotics.  Some foods should not be eaten/drunk when using antibiotics or some medications.
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Ya, i can't have dairy, so yogurt is out. I still have the anti-fungal cream, so i guess i ll use that if it gets worse. . .
I'll touch back in a few days after the anti-biotics should start working.
thanks for all the help so far ! :)
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p.s. the pamphlet is in Swedish, do you know where i can get something in english for doxycycline ?
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Type in the name of your medication in the web link bar or google bar and you should get information come up.  
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It was getting a bit better, but than I had some time alone, and after ejaculation it went back to being extremely swelled.
not sure if that means anything.
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I feel like the ejaculation might be triggering all the other symptoms, or at least making it much worse.
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Still no idea whats going on.
Saw the doctor again today, and they are still baffled. Everything except the swollen meatus, mark between the glans and swollen meatus is gone. But those symptoms get a lot worse after ejaculation. No more signs of a fungal infection though. Could this be a form of prostasis ?
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No idea what it could be.

What you need to do, is to see a urologist who specialises in these issues.

Let me know how you get on.
Best wishes.
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