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Painful/blocked ejaculation

For the past year I've been having problems with my ejaculation being 'blocked'. I ejaculate but after the first burst or two I can feel the fluid just get blocked and then extreme pain shoots into my testicles. The pain can typically last for several days.

Usually if I wait a few days I can sometimes ejaculate alright but not always - lately it's been getting worse so it feels like maybe anywhere from 50% to 60% of the semen does not come out. And the amount of semen in my condom or if I masturbate, in a tissue, is very much reduced. When the semen flows normally and I can feel that it's free and clear there is no pain and a lot of fluid.

It actually started as much as 3 years ago with a slight pain seconds after ejaculating and it would go away. Then last May/June it started getting worse and worse until in July one time it was blocked altogether and it has been that way every since. There are some days or even weeks (from late March to early May) where it seemed about 90% better and I felt little pain and I thought I was free and clear but then it started up again.

I had the same problem 9 years ago and went through all the anti-biotics and anti-inflammatories, ultra-sounds, prostate ultrasounds, a camera inserted into my urethra - all to no avail. I saw a chinese herbalist who then said my prostate was swollen and gave me some herbs to take which, after 3 to 4 weeks start to markedly improve my symptoms until about 2 to 3 months later I was all fine. Those pills are not helping this time at all.

I admit I stupidly have not seen my doctor because the last time it did no good, though I have a newer and more helpful doctor now.

Are my symptoms of an infection, prostatitis, BPH, ejaculatory duct obstruction?? I'm in so much pain and depression and helplessness - I need to get help! Thank you.
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