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Painless thickening and hardening of the scrotum

  I have noticed over that last two weeks that my scrotum has
  thickened three of four times times normal, and has seemed
  to actually harden somewhat in the front. The pain is no more
  than normal when I squeeze the sac, and it feels like possibly
  some abnormal level of fluid may be inside, but it is difficult
  to tell where the inner sac ends and the fluid may start. I
  can no longer examine the testicles themselves, since the sac
  is so thick.
  I am on no meds at the moment, although I have been on
  prednisone up until 1991 or so due to either Crohns or UC,
  one of the two which I obviously have but seems difficult to
  get diagnosed. I suffer little complications from it, and
  control it by diet, so it is difficult to believe this is
  related to that, although it is the same general area as
  other problems I have had in the past, none of them involving
  my reproductive plumbing, though.
  I did have hernia repair surgery in 1993 I believe, and since
  then the right side has torn out again, and I thought at first
  that possible my scrotum was filling with blood from the rupture.
  I don't know it that's possible, and now I realize that it's the
  sac thickening instead of filling with blood/fluid.
  Sorry this was so wordy!
Dear Russ,
It doesn
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