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Passing Kidney Stones

I had a confirmed UTI in mid September. 5 days ago (Sat), I began symptoms again---extreme pain while urinating & difficulty emptying my bladder. Next day (Sun), I go to Urgent Care who takes a urine sample & says I have a UTI, gives me Cipro 500mb BID & sends me home. By Mon morning, the burning is unbearable & I see my gynecologist nurse practitioner. She swabs my vagina & takes another urine sample. She says I do have a yeast infection (probably from antibiotics) & gives me Terconazole 0.04% Crm 1applctr at HS x7nights. I suffered thru Tues with extreme urinating pain & burning tissue. By Wed, the GYN office sends me to the ER because they said there's nothing more than can do.
I go to the ER yesterday. He gets results from last Sunday's exam faxed to him, says I probably did NOT have a UTI then. But after the CT scan he ordered, and looking at my urine sample that he said "has 11 WBC's in it", he concluded that I passed a kidney stone, NOW have a UTI because of it and since I don't have a fever, nausea, vomiting or any significant abdominal pain or flank pain (tho I did experience a slight bit of achiness in those places that day), he gave me a 50ml piggyback of Rocephin and then sent me home with rx's for Ceftin 250mg BID x7 days and some Darvocet-N 100mg.
Absolutely no Urologist in this city can see me sooner than 2 weeks from now. Although sitting, bending and walking is somewhat better than yesterday, I still cannot urinate without nearly being in tears. I have to sometimes "push" to finish and my vaginal tissues are fire-red and burn like heck when I go.
My question is this:
How much longer do I suffer with this before it will go away? The ER doctor said the stone probably cause irritation to my urethra and it'll take a while to heal. I'm not so sure he knows what he's talking about and just gave me more antibiotics and sent me away because he didn't know what else to do.
Please, please help me!!
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Your vagina burns when you urinate? How about when you touch it or have sexual intercourse (if you have even tried).? Vaginal tenderness to the touch is not part of a urinary tract infection. A vaginal infection/inflammation or an allergic reaction limited to your vagina would give you the local vaginal issue.
A stone passing through the urethra does not usually cause pain. A stone in a ureter can cause a referred pain to your vagina/labia/urethra. You may have burning when you urinate and the burning may persist for a few seconds after you stop urinating, but the tissues involved (vagina/labia/urethra) would NOT be tender to the touch as the pain is not originating there.
What did the urine cultures show? Were the U/A's positive for nitrites (often they are positive in the face of a UTI).
Pyridium is a good drug to relieve burning. It does nothing for a UTI but help with the symptoms.
Have you by any chance put something in your urethra by mistake? I have seen contraceptive suppositories misplaced into the urethra causing terrible discomfort.
By the way, the CT scan would have demonstrated a stone in your ureter, which can mimic a UTI. Check with the hospital for the final reading on this.
Hope this all helps and you get to better fast!
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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Three small red spots appeared last night. Two are on my vagina, inside the labia and one is on my cervix. Only one showed up and by a couple more hours, the other two appeared. They had a round, whitish center, but that center is now nearly gone. They have never looked like "blisters", but they are extremely red in color. I now feel achiness in my body below my waist and I've had an "itchy" feeling around my rectal area all day. I've quit all yeast infection cream and all antibiotics, as the whole condition does seem somewhat better.
I had a bladder exam by a urologist they got me into yesterday, who said I didn't appear to have bladder cancer & it just looks like it's an infection that hasn't yet responded. So he gave me a Rx for Macrodantin, which I filled but haven't taken.
After the red spots appeared, I called the OnCall gynecologist, in tears, because I now think it could be genital herpes. I have never had an outbreak or anything even close to this ever before. I did have sex twice in the last 6 weeks with a man who's been a friend for 14 years. He swears neither he, nor the woman he had dated for the previous 6 years has ever had any "outbreak" either.
I am so terrified and am in great distress waiting to see the gyn on Monday to get a swab and a blood test.
Please tell me that this could be something other than genital herpes? If it's herpes, my life will never be the same.
And since this would be a "first" really big outbreak, would it most likely be the first one & would I most likely have caught it from this man thru unprotected sex 3 weeks ago?
He refuses to believe that he could have had it first.....not that it would matter at this point anyway.
Thanks, Dr. Liroff.  I REALLY appreciated you writing back to me.
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Any urine cultures? You need to have one if it has not been done to prove the diagnosis and to determine what antibiotic works.
As to your red spots (you got a look at your cervix? at the top of your vagina?) there has been so much happening in your genital area that I have no idea what may be going on. Certainly herpes is in the list of possibilities, but allergic reactions and maybe local trauma have  to be considered also.
Good luck, again!
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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