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Okay so, for the past few days I have had a pee problem. Every hour or so I have an UNBEARABLE need to pee. It hits me like a wall and I have to pee RIGHT THEN. To the point that I am running to the bathroom and almost wetting myself. For a few days I chalked it up to drinking coffee or something. But the real problem is that when I get to the bathroom, I barely pee at all. And this keeps happening. Its like every time urine hits my bladder, I can't hold it at all. It doesn't hurt or sting or anything so I don't think it's a UTI (plus I can't imagine how I would have gotten one?). But it is definitely a nuisance to have to shoot off to the bathroom during class to pee a teaspoon amount of urine. Any advice or would be really helpful! (oh, also I'm a young girl and I've never had a kid)
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