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Pelvic/Genital Numbness (from anxiety?)

At the end of January, I hurt my middle back doing a flexibility stretch. At first I was content with a simple muscle pull or so, but as time went on and it didn't get better, I started thinking it was something else. I started looking online and came up with spinal fractures, thoracic tears and spinal cord injury, etc. So, I basically convinced myself of a thoracic fracture.

I started experiencing lower back pain, intensely, a couple weeks later... I then went to my chiro, and he did an adjustment. That same week, I started experiencing abdominal numbness... the actual muscle below my skin (not the skin)... and by the weekend, I was having difficulty feeling the urgency to urinate (no control problems) and had some pain in my flank, too.

I went to my doctor and he ordered a lumbar x-ray, and a urine test. They showed no problems. (I was still convinced I had a thoracic problem, since I had pain there.)

By the next weekend, I still had intermittent abdominal numbness, and I developed genital/pelvic numbness (that is, my whole pelvic area inside and lower abdominal area seemed to have no sensation inside, and on the outside, my genitals seemed to be numb also). I called my doctor, and he said he wanted to admit me to the hospital. I was in there for 4 days - they ran an MRI on my brain, cervical, thoracic and lumbar... they did an EMG on my legs, and also did a spinal tap. They found nothing wrong with my back, and everything else was completely negative.

But that was now about 2 weeks ago since I was discharged, and I still have numbness/lack of sensation in my genital area and numbness on the inside of my low abdomen/pelvic area (it's like I can't feel my insides) - my genitals on the outside are also without sensation in many areas or perhaps, better said is there is less sensation.  The glans is the worst, it is very little sensation, but the top part of the shaft is very low in sensation, also.  In addition, I also sometimes still don't get much of the urgency to urinate, and have difficulty feeling when I pass waste. I have read about something called pudendal nerve entrapment... but I have anxiety and borderline hypochondria too, so I don't know if I could be causing this myself even, or if I have a real problem.

So - could anxiety and/or hypochondria cause all this? Can it cause me to be totally numb like that and have no sensation, as if my whole pelvic region is "dead"? (no bladder urgency, abdominal/pelvic numbness, lowered  sensation on my genitals)  And if it is not from that, then what is it?  

There are some times when the numbness seems somewhat better, but for the last week or two it has been fairly consistent.  Last night, and also another night last week, I awoke and noticed I had a very hard erection (the erection feeling is mostly numb so it is kind of hard to tell), and it wouldn't go down easily... I really had to concentrating on it to get it to go away, eventually it did.
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