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Penile Discharge

  Is it normal to experience a clear discharge from the penis when you have a BM.
  Also is  it normal to have this same discharge following showers. I have never asked any of my freinds if they expience this. Should I see A doctor? ---Billy
Dear Billy
Your discharge following bowel movements is probably explained by pressure the stool or just straining places on the prostate.  The prostate as you may know is a gland and does secrete fluid into the ejaculate. If this is the case you may notice this discharge after a bowel movement with hard stool. Rarely you may have a cyst of the prostate which is predisposed to compression during a bowel movement.   I am not sure what would be the reason for a discharge after a shower.  Penile discharges can be also from inflammation of the urethra (the urine tube leading to the outside) called urethritis.  Urethritis is commonly caused by a sexually transmitted disease and may be associated with other symptoms  such as burning.  This can be diagnosed by your doctor.  He or she should also perform a digital prostate exam to make sure that is normal.  Remember, after age fifty, it is recommended you get a yearly PSA ( prostate specific antigen) blood test for prostate cancer screening unless you are in a high risk group (sibling or father with prostate cancer, member of the Black race) in which case you should obtain BOTH a digital rectal exam and a PSA beginning at age 40..    
You are welcome visit Henry Ford for your urological care We have several campuses.  If interested please call (1 800 653 6568). We can also arrange local accommodations through this number if this is your need. Please bring any physicians
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