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Penile Glans Pain on Right Side

First of all i am very embarrassed to write this post, but my brain is racing now and pushing me into depression zone and i figured i would ask some questions here, while i am waiting for my urologist and neurologist appointments.

December 21, i masturbated, before that i masturbated 3 times in four days. I have an erectile dysfunction and after taking some supplements my libido increased and i felt an urge. Since i am single, i masturbated 4 times in five days. The last time i masturbated everything seemed to be ok, i masturbated with lube, washed afterwards and my glans felt weird, so i applied some petroleum jelly (i am uncircumcised). I thought i might have damaged skin. For few days i felt mild discomfort, then in few days i started feeling pain at the bottom of penile glans corona and sometimes on the tip. The pain was intermittent, and would sometimes felt like dull pain, sometimes like itching, especially when wearing tight clothes. Sometimes throughout the day, i would feel like there is no pain at all, some days are just driving me crazy. I caught flu and been coughing like crazy, noticed that the pain has increased during the last few days. I feel it almost 24/7, sometimes i wake up from slight pain. I noticed that penile glans are sensitive too and sometime hurt on touch. Clothes give discomfort. I am uncircumcised and did not see any bruises on my penile glans, no pop noise, or no visible damage. Glans are grayish though, i showed to my PCP he said its normal. Sometimes my pain gets worse when i sit, sometimes when i walk its a bit better.

I have an appointment with urologist in 2 weeks and one with neurologist in 3 weeks as well. But before that, i would like to put my mind at ease. I don't have prostatitis (i had a cyst on prostate which was drained and i was given antibiotics in November), i had also Enterococcus which was treated with Augmentin (checked urine culture, sterile). I did find although that i had Trich, for which i was treated with Nifuratel for 20 days (in Europe), need a follow up to see if its gone.

My question is, have i damaged any nerves on penile glans that result in this pain? Is it permanent, do i have to live with this pain forever? Could it be pudendal neuralgia, and could masturbation cause it?

Thank you all in advance for your help!
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