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Penile curvature got bigger after incident. Is it a rupture, fracture or Peyronie?


2,5 years ago my girlfriend was masturbating me but we were not planning to make me *** because we didn't have any tissues to clean. But very quickly I felt I was cumming already. At the moment of cumming my girlfriend with a very firm grip around the middle of the shaft squeezed my penis as hard as she could to create a blockage of the sperm. We hoped (maybe afterwards very naive) that the ejaculation would go away.

At that moment when I felt I was cumming and she very tightly grabbed my penis I felt something pop very hard just above my penis on the left side. There was no pain. Immediately after that popping all the sperm came out of my penis combined with lots of cloths of very thick blood. After that incident I noticed that my penis is more curved. It was already curved to the left but after the incident the curve to the left grew even more. It now really has a banana shape. Also in flaccid condition it has a curve to the left. Before the incident there was only a curve to the left when there was an erection but also less then it is now. Now there is even a curve when it is flaccid. Also when in erection I can almost completely bend it to the left when I put pressure on it. To the right however I can not bend it.

What I also noticed is that after some time there became a ring or full circle in the middle of my penis underneath the skin. It is like a full circle/circle around the penis where I can feel there is something. It feels like a vein but it is not. I think it is a plaque or scar tissue. It is almost not visible in full erection, but very visible in a semi-erection condition and also in flaccid condition very visible on especially the right side of the middle of the penis. From that place in the middle it really bends a lot to the left.

I can feel the whole ring, but it is especially visible on the right outside of the middle of the penis. On the left side it is not visible but you do feel it. I can tell for sure there was a damage, because the erection now bends more to the left, not downward of upwards but strongly to the left. Additionally on the right lower side of the base of the penis there are also two lines which look like veins. I had one already but a second shown up after the incident. However they are much smaller than the full circle/ring in the middle.

When the penis is flaccid I also noticed that from the place in the middle, where is the circle/ring, the penis twists so te head of my penis is not straight. The part from the middle of the shaft to the top of my penis makes a quarter turn.

Before the incident my erection went straight upwards, being quite straight in semi-erection and then at the last stage of the erection the curvature started to bend to the left. Now after the incident it also differently erects. At the beginning of the erection the penis points to the left and the curvature is very big from the beginning and now it doesn't get up straight upwards but it gets up sideways from left to right. Like a windmill which moves from the left to the right. Unlike before the curvature is now the biggest at the beginning and then when reaching full erection it straightens more and the curvature gets a bit better.

It is not the only problem I have now. After that incident I also had very thin light coloured blood in the pee. This lasted I few days. The popping didn't hurt during the incident but peeing gave a burning feeling for some days. Now 2,5 years later I still feel that I have a different feeling when I feel I need to pee. Also every night I wake up one time to go to toilet. Before I was almost never waking up at night to pee. Sometimes I also feel I didn't pee everything and that some pee stays in the peeing tube.

What can all of this be? I am sure it is connected to the incident because immediately after the curvature got bigger and the way it erects is different. The ring underneath the skin I noticed later and got more bigger during the time. Is it Peyronie's, a fractured penis, Mondor's disease or corporeal herniation? Or is it because of the pop just above the beginning of my ball sack and above my penis a torn ligament or spermatic cord? Or a rupture of the tunica albuginea?

Maybe also worth of mentioning is that I had a surgery for swollen veins in my left ball 20 years ago when I was 14. I have a scar on the lower left side of my belly. Since the surgery the veins look good. But because of that pop during the incident I am afraid maybe it can have something to do with it as well and that the spermatic cord or something they connected during the surgery popped and broke? Also when I hold / inhale my belly (don't know what the correct word in English is but I think you know what I mean) then the right ball moves up but the left ball doesn't lift. Only the right ball lifts. Don't know if it has anything to do with the incident as well but thought it was worth mentioning.

I had 1,5 years ago some consults at the urology doctor. He only looked on it one time in flaccid condition and I showed a picture when I had an erection. He immediately concluded it was genetic. I am 200% sure that he is wrong and didn't research it properly cause the curvature to the left was much less before. Also there was no ring / circle in the middle before and the erection grew differently. Recently I saw a new urology doctor and he had a look on my penis in flaccid condition and I shown some pictures. I was relieved that this doctor at least said he felt something in flaccid condition and he said it is a plaque.

It really worries me that I can myself bend my penis so much to the left, that the curvature got bigger, that I feel a ring/circle,that from the middle of the penis it makes a quarter turn in flaccid condition and that I feel that signal of that you need to pee feels different. Also I am very worried what that pop was. What got damaged there? Was it the tunica albuginea, ligamaent or the spermatic cord?

Next week on Tuesday 23rd of August I am seeing the doctor again. Can you be so kind to give your point of view on this matter before I have the visit? I can then consult your conclusions with the doctor as well. I just wish he can research it more and make a echo/scan or something.

With looking on my penis in flaccid condition and looking on the pictures he concluded it is a plague and advised to not do a surgery till the moment sex is not possible more. He then gave me medicines (Tamsulosine) which makes the muscles more loose to pee. I didn't notice any difference. What should I do? I have the impression not everything is checked yet because there was no echo or scan. I am most worried about the possible damages inside the penis. I just want that the doctor researches it more what got damaged. I am confident that something got damaged because of that pop and I want to know what it is. I am also extra afraid because of the pop and that I had the surgery in the past.

Looking forward hearing from you in advance. Hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance.

Greets R
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Hey man had a similar injury to what you're experiencing but I never had any surgery before for anything. I'm experiencing some curvature/deviation of my penis to the right side after I sustained an injury to my erect penis while masterbating. I think I tore the tunica albuginea inside the right corpus cavernosum. I had pain right after ejaculation, but didn't see any blood in semen or in urine. No bruising or discoloring. Although I did notice 2 cord like veins bulging out when my penis is flaccid. Before the incident I only noticed one vein when I was errect and none when in flaccid state. Went to ER within 48 hrs of injury and was examined by a PA-C but was told that nothing seemed to be wrong and was told I should see a urologist. Went to one about 5 days ago and was told it was a minor penile fracture or a blood clot and said to come back for ultrasound in 3 weeks if symptoms don't improve. Im still impotent, but still get errections at night time but aren't what they used to be. They seem soft or weak and don't last long at all. Abstaining from anything sexual until I can figure out exactly what I did. I believe you may have torn the tunica albuginea which holds blood to form the errection. If it's not surgically repaired then the onset of scar tissue will set in. That's most likely what the curvature is that you're experiencing. How Peyronie's affects people varies depending on diet, extent of injury, and genetics. A penile traction device can help straighten the bend significantly. Hope this helps.
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