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Penis Glans Sensitivity discoloration

A few months ago I noticed sensitivity in my penis, a numbness and discomfort. I was tested for all STDs and everything was negative. Over time my penis head has turned varying shades of grey/blue although sometimes having splotches of orange/red color. Ocassionally sharp pain in the head and a feeling of something in the tip. Squeezing the buttock muscles improves this. I am taking Atacand for high blodd pressure and Prilosec for acid-reflux. I am overweight (250lbs) at 6' high.

I developed blisters on left buttock associated with a few nights of incredible sharp pain. My Doc gave me anti-viral meds saying it was G herpes even though tests indicated no antibodies. I developed numbness in my feet, and then pain behind my eyes with difficulty focusing. Then numbness/prickly feelings in my hands. I went to a Urologist and he diagnosed Prostatitus and put me on a months antibiotics,and suggested I see a neurologist. He also told me I had Jock itch which i treated with Lotrimin.

After finishing the meds I have still have pain in my buttocks, and along with the numbness in my hands/feet and legs I get sharp pain sensations in my toes and my finger tips are very sensitive. I occasionally have numness/tingling on my tongue's tip. I developed what appeared to be three cold sores from the edge of my lip up to my left nostril. They never crusted over and is now a red looking discoloration. I have had it for four weeks. When looking at the head of me penis when flacid it has dark spots/nodules just under the skin on the underside of the glans, and when erect the glans has deep fissures in the skin and is still numb especially after sitting.

I am deeply concerned about all these symptoms, especially the changes in my penis and the constant finger/fooot numbness. I'd like to someone about all of these syptoms but my GP won't examine me, my eurologist only wants to treat my Prostate and I have been unable to find a neurologist without a referral. Help.
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I'm not aware of disease that can connect all the symptoms you describe.  

Prostatitis for the penile symptoms is not an unreasonable consideration.  Cases like this can be difficult to detect or treat.  If the antibiotics are not working, you can consider a transrectal ultrasound to evaluate for the presence of any abscess.

Regarding the changes in the penis, if the Lotrimin isn't working, then it is unlikely to be a fungal infection.  Dermatitis is a possibility - and can be evaluated with a dermatology referral.

Regarding the numbness - this may or may not be related.  The neurologist is a good start.  Checking for things like thyroid, a metabolic panel and B12 levels are reasonable.  I would consider a 2nd neurological opinion if the tests are non-revealing thus far.  

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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