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Penis Head Pain & Sensitivity

I've had a strange pain on the head of my penis for over 2 weeks now.
It started after I had sex w/my girlfriend. It was a little more vigorous than usual and she was giving me oral sex when I came. After I came, she kept going and it was extremely painful since I had just already came. I had to stop her since it was painful. It felt like after I came and she kept going, that my penis was getting over-stimulated.
Now for over 2 weeks, I've had a strange pain on the left side of the head of my penis. The head doesn't look damaged or any different from before. And I can touch the spot and not really feel much pain. But if I lightly stroke on that area, there is a pain. And the biggest problem is that when the head of my penis rubs against my underwear during the day, I get that same odd pain. This strange pain has not gotten any better or any worse during these 2 weeks.
Any ideas on what has happened? Did I get nerve damage from over-stimulation? Will this go away? What should I do? Thanks for any help.
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The pain in the head of penis can be due to injury, infection or sexually transmitted infections (eg. herpes simplex, human papilloma virus). This does not look like a nerve injury. Since the pain comes on rubbing and not touching, it is probably a frictional pain. There is a discussion on MedHelp, by one of the doctors that you can refer to: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/dermatology/messages/32882.html

It is difficult to comment beyond this without examination. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted.
Hello my name is phani... i have problm and i dont know whether it was a problm or not... the nerve of the pennis is at the edge... i was worryng because stil im 22age i dont want to mis my sex lyf plz suggest me
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Three days ago, I had been doing some curious penis stretches and afterwards I started feeling a slight pain in a small section of the glans close to the section like a lip at the tip. However before that day, the previous days i had masturbated and pushed the blood in the penis head as exercise.About the pain, I am very concerned as it is very uncomfortable. The pain is not much but it is noticeable. I feel it when i pull back the foreskin and at times when I touch it. Sometimes a tingling is just there. Can someone tell me what this is and how it can be treated... what might have caused this and will i be okay...
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Doctor please help!! i've been in search of an answer for 5 months now (February 2015) after recieving oral sex and trying to put on a condom to tight i've had this hyper sensitivity he's described and it has not gotten any better or worse, been to 6 doctors, no one has an answer!!!!
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i had the va do minor surgery on my penis, but instead of helping it got worse. the doctor tied the loose skin to my stomach and made a cut around the skin of the head it stays sore and burns all the time. can i get this reversed and back to normal, HELP
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