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Penis Shrinkage

I had about a 5.5 inch penis like a year ago. After that I started having pain in my heart and recently found out that I have a left bundle branch block. My penis has shrinks more than 1.5 inch and I don’t know is that because of heart disease or I got a heart disease because of masturbation. Can a heart disease reduce penis size?
My blood pressure is normal. I don’t know what is the reason of the penis shrinkage. I am about 5-7 in height and 115 pounds and 22 years old. I am worried about my life now. Please someone help.
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I don't know for sure, but heart problems & penis & erectile function can sometimes be linked. For example, in older guys, a complaint of poor erectile function can be the first sign of arterial blockages to the heart. It is somewhat normal for OLDER guys to lose a little size (both length & girth) as they age, but at 22, that seems unlikely. However, because you do have heart issues, I would ask the Dr. if there's any possible linkage. Masturbation (even so-called 'excessive' masturbation) would not cause issues with your heart...
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