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Penis feels sore and pain since 6 days. Please help :(

Hi, I am having an pain around my penis that goes all the way back by the testicals area. I started to take antibiotics yesterday, but the pain is still present. My prediction is several days ago I attempted to pull back my tight foreskin for 3 days straight during taking a shower, which I think it either pulled the muscle, tore a muscle, or something. How long this pain will last since it been 6 days already.
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I tried to force the foreskin back when it is erected
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Hmmm... why are you taking antibiotics? Is that somehow related to this issue? Often they’re prescribed for Prostatitis, which usually causes pain more in the prostate itself, perineal region or anal area, not usually the penis itself. Also, do you have a very tight foreskin? I’m circumcised myself, but I think normally the foreskin retracts enough during erection that the ‘head’ is exposed. You may need to see a Urologist for examination. I don’t think this is serious & may get better on its own, but these other questions may need addressing...
Hey, Thanks for your response. The doctor hasn’t prescribed be with antibiotics, but I had it kept for backup reasons and thought I had prostatitis. I am 29 years but my foreskin is just too tight and this was why I started to do stretching exercises while my penis was erected. I think while pushing the foreskin back it injured the rear pelvic floor region since the pressure was applied around that area.
The feeling of the pain is weird that feels like pressure bottom of the penis and soreness by the pelvic floor region that seems like it is coming from testicals area.
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Well, it sounds like you might have two separate issues - one related to the foreskin that's too tight, and the other does sound like possible prostatitis. It's also possible the two are related, but I think that's less likely. In both cases, I would recommend seeing your regular Dr. first, and if he/she is not able to help, see a Urologist - they specialize in all types of problems related to male genitalia & functional problems. I believe there is a very minor procedure (possibly done right in the office w/ local anesthesia) where they can snip the foreskin just a bit so that it retracts more easily. In the meantime I think the pain will mostly diminish if you give it a little rest...
I also noticed the veins on my penis is also enlarged, which I tried to masterbate to check if everything with my semen was good. The semen was good but however I noticed after I was done the front left side of my penis foreskin started to hurt, Especially the veiny side which the pain was going all the back by pubic area. How long usually the skin takes to heal? I made the appointment with urology but it won’t be sooner than Wednesday this week.
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I can't say for sure how long this would take to heal - maybe anywhere from several days up to possibly a couple weeks. But see what the Uro says - glad to hear you made the app't. - hopefully you'll have an answer & the correct treatment soon...
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No prblm, glad to help, hope this advice was useful...
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