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Penis functions fine when alone, but wet and stay flaccid when with women

So I'm 25 years old and I have never penetrated a women, despite being sexually involved in the past with several women.

My penis functions pretty normally when I'm masturbating alone, which I do 1-3 times a day happily. However, when I'm with women my penis remains flaccid and I get very wet from what seems to be pre-ejaculate pouring (quite a lot) out of my penis.

It's not that I get so excited with a women that I then ejaculate as I'm making out with her, it's different than that. I only find out that I've become a puddle of semen after I feel wetness in my underwear. This usually leads to me going home and masturbating it off, cumming in immense quantities, which I guess means I must have been wanting her.

I'm pretty sure I am attracted to women because that's all I ever masturbate about, and I do get excited thinking about it.

Just yesterday I went to meet a women and took a Pfizer VGR 100 (Viagra 100 mg) pill about an hour beforehand. It had no effect before, during or after the meeting, in which we were making out intensely.
I have also tried Cialis several years ago and it had the same non-effect.

Thanks very much for reading, I would love advice as to how to approach this problem.
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At your young age, I find it troubling that you are taking such drugs as Cialis and Viagra to gain an erection.  If you rely on pills, your body may not respond naturally on its own.  Also, if you want to be sexually active with a partner, masturbating 1 to 3 times per day should be avoided along with use of porn.  Let your sexual energy build so that when you are with a woman, your body will respond.  Switching among several different partners may also be a problem, since it does not lend itself to intimacy and being at ease with someone.    
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