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Penis glans injury and erection problems

Hello everyone!
My problem is related to the penis glans. I am 29 I do not drink, I do not smoke and I have been circumcised since childhood. I was single for one year and masturbated everyday. My problems started about 5months ago when i started using tighter grip cause i felt less sensation and over time my glans started hurting. I think that fragile is best word to describe that feeling. I rested for few days and started again. It never felt the same and was less pleasurable. And soon I realized that i couldn't get errect without hand stimulation and as i stop touching it goes flacid.  Real problem was when I had sex with real woman. I had problems getting erect. I also had loss of sensation in the penis. It was not total lose but enough to make intercourse unsatisfactory. Reduced pleasure. I couldnt feel anything with oral and after vaginal sex which was sort of unpleasing I had glans inflamation. I tought it was something that will go away on it's own. Tomorrow my underwear felt like sandpaper if my glans or meatus rub on it. Walking has been real problem. So parts of glans where I still have sensation are mostly painfull on contact with underwear. Meatus is very sensitive but in unpleasing way and when I pinch it it hurts. My libido is zero. I have no morning and spontaneous errections. I got anxious and depressed. There is no visible damage. I did std test and all were negative. bacteria and fungi is negative. Testosterone is fine. Only a small amount of leukocytes in the urine.Is it possibly some kind of nerve damage or blood vessels. Anyone please if you have any advice for me or similiar experiences. Thank you very much for your replies and sorry for some grammar errors.
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