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Penis head cold/testicles warm feeling

Ok give you some info on me first. This started last March when I thought I had a kidney infection to find out while being treated for that I pissed a stone a 1/4 inch long by a 1/8 wide with a tail with very little pain,95 percent calcium. My problem went away for 2 weeks. Then heat pain in testicles came back and had to go pee every 10 min.'s.. Went to different Doctor he checked prostate and dueing check with finger up inside me it burned and hurt bad. So he treated me with infections pills for 40 days. Problem gone for 2 weeks,now head of penis cold at times and warm like stinging pain in shaft and testicles. No not stds. Iam 48 and truck driver HELP thanks
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The only thing that I can think of that would truly, objectively, affect the temperature of the glans penis is blood flow. If this is reduced by "hardening of the arteries" or damage to the blood supply then you might go to your primary care physician to see if there are other signs of this problem  as you probably have a bigger issue than  just your penile blood flow. This would not cause the penile/scrotal discomfort. A pinched nerve from your spine may give you the sensations that you describe. If your pains are just one sided, you may be having referred pain from a stone in that side's ureter. A CAT scan will rule out a stone.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.

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