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Penis head has red rash + other symptoms.

I received oral from a sex worker and now have a red rash on my penis head. It's hurts when I ejaculate and my penis becomes red raw afterwards with bright red head penis glands. There is no discharge and my tubes feels inflamed and painful. I've for a STD test and was given the clear somehow. I've tried everything canensten cream, steroid cream, flucozole, metrinazole, amoxicillin, doxycycline and yet it still remains. I've even brought myself a microscope to try and see for myself. I've added some of my urine to some agar in a petri dish to see if anything grows and this is what I got after a week. Can anyone tell me if this is related to my problem?


Any help please?

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All of that was prescribed by your doctor?  That's a lot.  You've ruled out yeast overgrowth, I take it?  On your list you have things that would treat yeast.  https://www.webmd.com/sexual-conditions/rash-on-penis#1  That's a whole list of potential causes. But with your large list of things you've 'tried', I wouldn't want to try to figure out which.  Seems like everything has been covered.  When was the last time a doctor advised you with seeing the actual rash?  
Most was prescribed by my doctor but I got hold of a few to try myself out of worry. Like you say tho I've covered everything now.  Did you look at the images that I posted? Ive been tested for everything and came back clean which leaves me with a fungus. The images above look like Candida auris which is why maybe normal antifungals are not working.
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I'm not a lab tech so I have no idea what it is that's growing there.

Also, you've been on a ton of meds, so your urine tests if done professionally in a lab won't be accurate. The antibiotics alone will skew the results and could mask bacteria.

You need to be off antibiotics for at least 3 weeks before looking for bacteria in your urine.

If it's a fungus, that's common after antibiotics, and you have pumped your body full of them. You've way overdone it. How long were you taking them?

The only thing I would suggest taking right now is a good probiotic. Stop taking meds for a few weeks, and let your body just BE. It needs time to get back in balance naturally.

When you originally tested for STDs, had you already self-treated?
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