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Penis opening inflamed, feels Sensative

I have chronic non bacterial prostatitis. It has been under control for a couple of years and I am not sure if my current issue ties into that or not.

A few weeks ago the tip of my penis became very sensative.  It feels inflamed around the opening but on the right side more than the left. When I walk I can feel it rubbing against my underwear and it sometimes feels like there is something stuck in the opening. It is not red, but does look inflamed or like the skin around the opening is sticking out. It almost looks like lips around it since it is inflamed.

It is not a pain but a sensation with discomfort but not a pain.

When I pee it does not burn but my urine flow is decreased and it seems more difficult to pee.

This is bothering me because its not gong away. I am on flomax and I have been taking IBProfin as my urologist recommended.

I am also having pain in my belly button and prostate at the same time like the last time this got this bad.

The most frustrating part is the opening on my penis feeling swollen and the sensation.

What can I do?  Is this prostatitis?  I can't go to the doctor right now as my insurance will not cover pre existing conditions. I just want this to go away.
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