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Penis tip issue

Two weeks ago I noticed a dull reddish circle below my penis opening. It’s not really raise for bumpy. Two days later I noticed that the actual bottom part of my penis opening was a bit swollen and darker. Over the last couple weeks it hasn’t really gotten Bette rot worse. Although sometimes I get a sharp sudden pain that goes away and only sometimes does it hurt when I pee. This pain is only felt at the top where the area is a little swollen. I’m circumcised. A doctor said that it didn’t look like an infection of any time and just basically said he didn’t know what it is.

I am wondering if it’s skin irritation caused by using a alcohol sanitizing wipe to wipe my body down a couple weeks ago on a hot day. This is my only theory. If it was a bacterial or fungal infection wouldn’t it have gotten worse/better by now? Can some one help me figure out what’s going on?
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