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Periods of Bleeding in ejaculation and in the first urine after ejaculation.

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Problem: Bleeding in ejaculation and in the first urine after ejaculation.

I have had this symptom for 17 years. The first time he left only a month ... and he left again two years later. Since then it appears in cycles that are becoming shorter and that worries me .. at first once in two years, then in a year and now, it happens to me every three or four months. I am now 54 years old.

I do not feel any pain before, during, or after ejaculation. However the first urine after ejaculation is the worst because sometimes the blood clots plug the urine and then I feel pain and especially, a lot of stress that block the passage of the urine and have to go to the emergency room to be able to urinate. Since the symptoms began 17 years ago and until now I have been through many doctors and tests that have not found anything and Doctors said that it may be a small wound that opens with erection.

Mention that bleeding only happens to me in the periods where  begin these cycles described above (which usually last two to four weeks and disappear) and only when ejaculating and as said, in the first urine after ejaculating, sometimes blood makes it difficult to urinate To form clots. Then all the times I urinate no blood and normal. If I do not ejaculate and abstain from sex, I will never bleed. I have had rectal examinations to check prostate size, ultrasound scan, cystoscopy, blood test, including PSA (prostate cancer). 3 weeks ago I did a blood test for the PSA and it came out 1.3, normal level) ... and nothing, they did not find anything.

As references, I do not smoke or drink. I weigh 87 kilos and I measured 1.79. Now I am overweight about 8 kilos, not before. What should I do? Is there any natural remedy? Any suggestions on nutrition to follow?

As I have already suffered some painful medical tests and nothing was found, I do not really like to go through these tests again and I would like to know if there is any way to find the source of this problem ... what I have been told Most of the doctors is that I do not worry, that probably this will be a little wound that opens and then closes ... but with this explanation and as the cycles of these symptoms of bleeding are becoming shorter and shorter, I am getting more worry.

Any kind of advice or advice to follow will be very grateful.

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards.
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