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Persistent Two Spot Penis Rash

Hi all. I had semi-protected sex with a sex worker back in Mid-December. I got anxiety from the experience and also got a reddish rash with swollen foreskin (uncircumcised) in addition to intense burning/pain sensation in area above penis shaft. STD Doc prescribed Lotrimin in which I used for a 2 weeks and also got some Acyclovir, Cipro and Azith just in case. 6 weeks later I got full panel STD's done and everything came back negative including herpes but yet the burning sensation/pain stayed above the penis shaft in which a GP said it was my anxiety causing it along with the tingly sensation that just started in my penis but gave me an antibiotic shot just in case it was a remaining bacterial infection.

At 7 weeks a rash developed at the tip of my penis right above the pee hole that is here to this day at 15 weeks. Its a rash that looks like 2 spots that throughout the day, turn red and into little bumps then calms down and just looks like 2 red spots. Sometimes it goes to the point where the spots are barely visible and then after a few hours it turns red again but it never completely leaves. The spots are about 3-4 millimeters in diameter each, one right above the other. In addition wrinkly lines develops around the glans as if the glans is slightly swollen on and off throughout the day in which Derm says the wrinkles are nothing and Uro says could be balanitis.

I took another HIV, Herpes, and Syphilis test at 3 months and everything came back negative. Saw GP and gave me Lotrisone which didn't work, saw Uro and he said fungal infection and gave me Nystatin which didn't work and saw Derm and said Eczema and gave hydro-cortisone which didn't work either. Now I am due again to see Derm in the next few days and am worried at what it can be. Derm and Uro suggested Biopsy if treatments didn't work. Am scared it can be cancer or very resistant fungus or whatever. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :(
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Just to be more descriptive, the bumps/spots do not resemble and neither have I had any blisters. The bumps do make the glans sensitive and from time to time during the day is does cause a very mild pain. As I try to keep my foreskin retracted as instructed by GP in case of a yeast/fungal infection, the glans and the spots do rub against my underwear also causing a slight pain and sensitivity. Also can anxiety and stress cause these symptoms? I do not believe it can cause it to this degree right? Thanks.
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