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Persistent problems 3-4 months.


My problem first presented in early Dec when I examined my testicles. I had some general discomfort around the pelvis and testicles and lower back. I found a lump - the doctor referred me to urology. This appointment happened in early Jan.

Since then a lot has happened so I'll try and be brief!

1. Late Dec - started to get a pain in the tip of the penis and a slight clear discharge - I also noticed problems with urine - I never felt like I was emptying my bladder completely - though I had this problem when I was younger so I thought nothing of it. Went to GP - she said possible STD or kidney chill - gave me azithromycin to take. The pain was gone within a few days.

2. Went to urology - mentioned the problems I'd had. Testicle lump turned out to be a cyst. They did a urine test - fine - and said the amount of urine in my bladder was normal.

3. A week and a half later I got the pain in the tip of my penis again - went to a private STD clinic - he took a urethral swab and said I had chlamydia. Other STD's are clear. He said I got this from unprotected oral sex with a girl in late October. He took a urine sample - gave me a week of doxycycline and insisted I come back next week to be tested. I told the girl I had chlaymdia - she took the antibiotic and went to get tested (and later came back totally negative).

4. Went back next week (late Jan) and he said the infection was cleared (although I still had pain though not as bad) My glands had got sore and painful this week - he said possibly it was from playing football after being out injured for months. He said the reason he wanted me back was because he said something about being at risk from prostatitis from what he saw in the microscope. He then took a swab, said I was free from infection and away I went.

5. The pain seemed to be gone for over a week then came back. I went to a different clinic - the doctor said that specialist would not have known if I had chlamydia from that microscope - all he would have seen was an infection. It also makes sense as the last sexual encounter I had (late Oct) - she tested negative for chlamydia. Anyway, I tested negative for Chlamydia, gonnorrea and syphillis. The penis pain disappeared over the next few days although my glands were still up and swollen, and painful.

6. I had protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex with the same girl, in early march. (She mentioned she had protected sex with someone the week before)...within at least a day I was starting to feel discomfort at the tip of the penis again - this gradually got worse throughout the week and I had the clear discharge again.

7. I went to the GP who said I might be reinfected (although the girl was negative before!) - she gave me azithro again - and it worked for about 5 days. Other symptoms I noticed at this stage was a lot of spray when I passed urine - all over my feet sometimes - a feeling like I stop passing urine before I feel like I've finished - and my urine looked very cloudy, like particles floating in it.

8. I went to another GUM clinic a week after finishing the azithromycin and they inserted a swab into me again (really painful this time - but found no infection) and took a urine test. They also  took a blood test - if I didn't hear anything within 2 weeks then it was all clear - it's been over 2 weeks since, so I must be clear of stds. The doctor at the clinic said I should go to urology dept - so my GP has referred me, though I will have to wait.

9. The problem is - a week after taking the azithro - and about a day after getting the swab from my urethra -  I have the pain in my penis again at the tip, the same urinary problems - and the clear discharge which presents itself mainly in the morning after I've showered and gone to work.
I've also taken a week of doxcycline which worked last time - and I've still got the pains and problems after finishing a weeks course.
Another symptom which may or may not be related is that I get a painful burning feeling in my right foot when the pain in the penis is worse. I also have some red spots on the glans over the last few weeks which seem to come and go - they aren't painful. They're quite small and are flat. I get an itch sometimes too.

Anyway I suppose a more general summary is that I've had these urethritis style symptoms for about 3 months which seem to have responded to antibiotics for a while, only maybe a week - 2 weeks after starting them I get the symptoms again. The last course of doxycycline doesn't appear to have worked (although I only finished a week course yesterday).
If anyone can fill me in on what might be causing this then I'd be very grateful. I should note that I'm a 25 year old male - and my last sexual encounter with a different girl was unprotected oral sex in May 2011 (could chlamydia have hung around for over 6 months without symptoms?) I'm kind of thinking that an STD may have been my initial problem - but the fact the problem is persisting would point to something else?

Is there any point going back to my GP - or is it just a case of taking ibuprofen until I can go to the urologist!?
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