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Peyronie's Disease

What causes Peyronie's Disease and its treatment

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Does growth hormone help peyronies disease?
I have had peyronies disease for two years now,
My penis has gone from 8 inches and thick to being bent and unsightly, during intercourse with my partner
I sometimes make her bleed and cause her pain.
I have been reading up on growth hormone and wondered if anyone knows if this may help? I have heard rumours that it promotes cell growth and repair as well as the bodybuilding effects.
Also if any doctors out there are trying new methods of treatment that I could volunteer for.
As a 30 year old I will try anything to cure or help this.
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The exact cause of Peyronie's disease is not clearly ascertained. However,Peyronie's disease may have a genetic association. Other causes include prior repeated trauma to the penile shaft. A history of penile trauma or injury increases the risk of developing Peyronie's disease.Other risk factors include underlying systemic diseases like coronary artery disease and diabetes.

Peyronie's disease is caused by plaquelike growths within the shaft of the penis. During erection ,the penis appears deformed as the plaques disrupt the normal contour.The plaques are located in the area within the shaft which engorges during erection due to an increase in blood flow.

At this point, there is no definite medical therapy for Peyronie's disease. Surgery is considered only for symptomatic cases wherein deformity and pain during erection makes sexual intercourse almost impossible.
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