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Peyronie's Disease

  I recently discovered a lump on the side of my penis,
  which my urologist believes to be the start of peyronie's disease.
  In reading the literature I notice that trauma can be a cause,
  and I am wondering if my diagnosis of bladder cancer in '96
  and all the ensuing cysto's etc. can be a cause or continuing
  source of further trauma and catalyst for this disease?
  The cancer was discovered early, and has not reoccurred, but since
  I have to undergo these invasive procedures rather frequently
  I am curious as to their possible relationship to this new symtom.

Dear lee,
Peyronie's disease is an inflammation of the erectile bodies in the penis (corpora cavernosa).  It can occur at any age, but increases after age 40.  Peyronie's disease is associated with painful erections, curvature of the penis with erections, and problems achieving erections that are firm enough or last long enough for successful intercourse.  
The cause of this disease is not known.  Theories range from infectious causes to trauma.  Some patients have spontaneous resolution of there symptoms.  Various treatments have been tried with limited success.  Surgical treatment to remove the scar like plaques and placement of penile prostheses may become necessary to allow for intercourse.
Bladder cancer requires close surveillance to rule out recurrent disease.  This involves cystoscopy (passing a lighted telescope through the urethra into the bladder).  This procedure should be minimally invasive if performed with a flexible cystoscope causing little if any trauma to the corpora cavernosa.
Sincerely, HFHS M.D.-CK
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