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Phimosis in an 11 year old boy

My son has been diagnosed with Phimosis and the Urologist I went to see automatically suggested circumcision. I'm apposed to this, as is my husband, because he has not yet hit puberty. I know that non retraction can sometimes be normal in his age group and it doesn't seem to cause him any problems thus far. Is it normal to suggest Circumcision? I might wait until he's 15/16 and re-address the issue if he still has it. Does that sound crazy?
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No, that does not sound crazy at all. I am right with you here. There is absolutely no need to go rushing into circumcision at this stage. Indeed you could wait until he is 20 and see how things are going.
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Thank you so much for that. I don't want to do anything to endanger his health, so the reassurance is great. Thank you again.
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