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Please help!! Pain in RT testicle after ejac..

OK, so I've been having this problem for coming up on 2 YEARS.  I've learned to live with it, but it's getting old.  Problem started December 07 I started having pain/tenderness around behind my RT testicle area.  Not so much the testicle but behind.  Also I began dribbling/leaking urine for a few minutes after urination.  Went to family doctor, was diagnosed w/ epydimitis and told to take ibuprofen.  Note I was also wearing tighter fitting underwear.  Weeks went by, I didn't get better so I went to see the local urologist.  He also diagnosed epyditimitus and prescribed a higher strength ibuprofen.  When the docs examined me, they squeezed my epiditimus, and it was excruciatingly painful and uncomfortable.  I finished the dosing, got NO better. Doc prescribed a testicular ultrasound in which they ultrasound on both testicles, found both testicles to be normal.  This doc said to just not worry, a lot of men have pain like this and hopefully it'd would just go away.   I adjusted my lifestyle to put TP in my underwear and always wear looser fitting underwear which seemed to help with the pain.  I also noticed over the next few months that my RT side testicle would stick out further, especially after ejaculation.  RT side testicle area (on side and behind) is ALWAYS tender and sore to the touch.  This is amplified after ejaculation.  Last Jan/Feb my wife and I saw a Fertility doc who did a semen analysis for me, found me to be low in a few areas, count/motility.  He prescribed an antibiotic as my problem was still present.  No effect.  It'll be 2 years this december I have had this problem.  Current symptoms are leaking/dribbling for a few minutes after urination, tenderness on RT side behind testicle especially after ejaculation, RT side testicle protrudes approx 1/2 inch forward than LT, but only obvious after ejaculation.  Sorry for the long post, any help is greatly appreciated!!!
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