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Please help!

What causes blood in urine (my urine is dark) and I don't know what's going on and neither do my doctors. I have no flank pain or back pain (sometimes a minor pain in right side). Doctor said from test they ran on wednesday,,everything looks good (blood count, etc) and from what he can see there's no sign of an infection. That is what worries me because I am bleeding with no infection. Please enlighten on what this could possibly be.
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Also, I am experiencing no pain when I urinate, though I do frequently use the bathroom now. If I hold it (which I know I shouldn't do) it hurts a lot. When I wake up in the morning I have bladder pain because I have to use the bathroom. Could this be a possible UTI that was never caught. I used to get frequent UTI's when I was younger. One or twice every two months because I didn't drink water like I was supposed to.

I'm not sure if this would help also but I had a ultrasound that found free fluid around my ovaries.
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Hi - and Welcome to the Urology Community. I understand why you are scared and confused - you have my empathy.

I'm confused too - is your physician telling you there is no blood in your urine in spite of it's color? Urine can appear abnormally colored and not contain blood. A simple UA will tell you. What are the results of your UA?

I'm glad you included your Ultrasound results. Free fluid around your ovaries is not a normal finding and may account for some or all of your pelvic pain. One of the most common caused of free fluid around an ovary is due to rupture of ovarian cysts. Inflammation can also be a cause and in rarer instances Endometriosis.

Yes it's possible but not probably that they are missing a UTI. That said, UTIs are fairly easy to DX. I would tend to believe that one wasn't missed.

It's obvious that you require further diagnostic testing.

I hope you'll share with us the results of your UA - and keep in touch. I'll be interested to hear how you are doing as well as the outcome. We learn through shared information and we offer our support to one another.

"See" you soon,

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No the doctor told me there is blood in my urine, however he said based on the UA and blood work everything looks good and he's seen no sign of infection. So they're sending me to get a ct scan (can't get an appt. until two weeks) and to a urologist for further testing. I'm not really having any pain except mild pelvic/abdominal pain. The doctor said based on blood work kidneys and liver function are fine.  
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Doctor told me they didn't find any cyst which was what they were looking for ( it may have just rupture that's why I was experiencing pain). Also, I just had my cycle where my actually lining (flesh colored no blood) was coming out. That has NEVER happened to me so I'm afraid that I may have endo or cyst on my ovaries. I have no children and would like to be able to have some (so this is very scary for me). :(
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It's true you could have had an Ovarian Cyst that ruptured -which would account for the free fluid. I've had them and they can be very painful.

When we don't have all the answers we imagine the worse. Reproduction can be tricky for a few - but for most it's not. Statistics are with you. I know it's difficult by try to think positive. I think it'll take a lot more to interfere with your reproductive status. At least I'm very hopeful that's true for you.

If you want to chat or vent we're here.

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