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Possible Chronic Balanitis? Irrated, red penis for a year

I have been having problems with redness and irritation on my penis for over a year now. Initially, I had read forums and used hydrocortisone (1%) to treat it and the little redness I had, had went away. It seemed like it would flare up after sex or masturbation, so I would use the cortisone afterwards.

I had seen a dermatologist several times who recommended it was just a fungal or yeast infection and have tried all the creams he recommended - antifungal, baby rash creams, etc.

During the past few months the redness has spread across my entire head and shaft of the penis - I can barely recognize it as I once could. It is very depressing and I currently don't have insurance to see a urologist and don't know how I could pay the amount I have heard it costs to see one (some say it costed them $800+ for exam and tests).

I have tried the following with no relief or improvement to treat my red, irritated penis:
hydrocortisone (1 and 2%)
man1manoil that has "ingrediants and vitamins" that restore penis
antifungal creams: lamisil and canestan
plain yogurt (orally and applied on penis) and acidophilus supplement pills....this is what I am currently trying.

Nothing seems to help at all. Sometimes it hurts so bad to even walk. I feel that even if I don't masturbate, I will still get an erection when sleeping and it will stretch out the skin. I have tried everything that I have read that would help and can't seem to find any solution.
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