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Possible Electrical Damage to Penis

My question requires some background information: About three months ago after reading about "electrical stimulation" or "electro-ejaculation" on the internet I decided to try this at home (bad idea). I am experienced with electricity and made sure that the current and voltage were both kept to a minumum through the use of an "audio" sine wave generator. The maximum voltage available was 7.5Vrms and the max. current was 11mA  (0.011 Amps) - the frequency was about 20hz or so. I applied this with small copper wires, one wrapped around the glans/shaft area of the penis, the other carefully inserted a couple of inches into the urethra. There was very little "sensation" when doing this, but somewhat. There was a slight feeling of heat in one spot on the glans where the wire was not making good contact(which I then adjusted), but not engough to be all that uncomfortable or concerning. I felt no internal (penis) discomfort. I probably did this for two or three minutes before deciding that there was no real excitement to be gained from this and stopped. Now I get to the part that is worrying me. About two weeks later I started noticing a hard area forming in the end of the left corpus cavernosa near where the "hot spot" was. The hard area is not a "growth" as much as a hardening of an existing structure. This hard area grew slightly larger over the next week or two, but it was not painful. I made a urologist appointment to have this checked out in the event that it was not related to the electrical "stunt". It took almost two months to get in to see the urologist and I only explained that the spot may be the result of an "injury", I didn't go into detail due to the emabarssment, etc. He thought that it was nothing to be concerned about and sent me on my way. Now, a week later and after masturbating one night the area has become quite sore as has the area next to it almost in the center of my glans (I would describe it as above my urethra, center of glans). I have not had any difficulty urinating, and my bowel movements have been averaging every other day, which is normal when I get stressed like I am over this. I've also had muscle spasms/pain in my inner thighs due to stress also. This is getting beter.

My questions would be: Is it possible that I caused an internal burn, even slightly, that is taking it's sweet time to heal? Will it most likely take care of itself? Is it possible for the electrical current to damage or change the cells in this area and make them cancerous or more prone to becoming cancerous? Could the copper wires have caused some chemical reaction with the penile tissue/blood? The amount of "power" applied was very minimal, much less than avaliable from a typical 9V battery that we all put on our tongues as kids. Of course I realize how stupid this was and I'm looking for some anonymous was to find out if this is serious enough to make a return trip to my urologist and fess up to my stupidity. Thanks.
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To answer your questions:
1) I am not familiar with the electrical stimulation device that you described.  Depending on the voltage, it may be possible that a burn is possible.  Scarring is also possible.  

2) Healing would depend on what has caused the hardening.  If it is scarring, then the appearance may be permanent.  If it is inflammation, then there is a possibility it may heal.  

3) If it were an allergic reaction, it is more than likely that the resulting lesion would be in the healing process.  I am unsure if there can be chemical reaction between the copper wires and the blood.  

For another opinion, I would suggest a dermatology referral if the urology referral does not have a revealing cause.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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