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Possible Kidney infection?

I'm a bit worried...
On the 1st of this year, I came down with some painful urination and penile itchiness. I went to the doctor and was prescribed Doxycycline but after three days (I had difficulty breathing so I went to ER) I switched to Ciprofloxacin. While at the hospital I also took some powdered oral medicine and a shot in the buttocks (one of these two was Amoxacilin, the shot I think). Everything seemed to have cleared up and it's been 3 months since this incident. I ended up testing negative for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea but I continued to finish the medication.

I noticed that urination is fine but sometimes when I masturbate my meatus will become a little bit red and sort of burn a little bit. It's not intolerable but definitely uncomfortable. It goes away and I usually having a hard time urinating for awhile afterwards but then it suddenly clears up. I noticed this trend only happens after masturbation.

I never had/have discharge or any other symptoms through all of this. My penis looks "normal" upon inspection aside from the burning when I peed. Sometimes I get little aches in my back and upper abdomen but they might just be muscoskeletal pain cause I have started going to the gym more often. I'm not sure if I can attribute the aches to working out or something wrong with my urinary tract. I've heard the pain for a kidney infection is pretty intense and I haven't had fevers or vomiting like most medicine books include as symptoms. I went to the doctor on February 14th and did a urine test for possible kidney stones. Everything came back "normal".

Sorry I tried to keep this as concise as possible but I figured a thorough explanation would garner some better answers. If I had something wrong with my kidneys, would a urine test find it? Could it be that I am masturbating a little too much and wearing the little man out? Can stress possible cause any of this? I've been under a ton of stress since this has all happened due to this and other variables. Thanks guys.
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Another NEGATIVE, again.
I guess those tests rarely work.
I'm in the same boat, now I'm gonna take the same tests again!

As for painful urination... I guess it's not normal, man.
It could be:
- Prostatitis;
- G or C; <-- not your case
- Bladder infection?

Wait untill Miss Vanessa answer your question.
But I'm sure painful urination it's not normal.
Have a nice week, man!
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