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Possible penile fracture? Or simple pulled muscle?


I was having sexual Intercourse a little over a month ago and accidentally slipped out, resulting in an impact on my penis. Since then, I havent been able to achieve a full erection. My penis also seems to have shrunk. I did not experience any bruising or aggressive swelling, blood in my urine, or any pain urinating. There does seem to be more of a curvature and now it feels as if the right side about 2/3rds up is tender/sore? Is this something I need to let rest, or do I need to seek medical attention?
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It doesn't necessarily sound like a penile fracture - I think the results of that would be more dramatic than what you've described. However (and I'm not sure about this), it sounds like possibly there was some somewhat more minor damage, possibly penile bruising. I don't know what the treatment for that would be. If I were you, I'd definitely seek some medical evaluation. You could start with your regular Dr., describe  what took place & the symptoms you're seeing now. He/she will probably ask you some additional questions about sexual history, if there have been any previous difficulties, bending, etc. & maybe if you've ever engaged in vigorous sex or masturbation, which could cause this kind of damage. If your regular Dr. isn't able to help, the next step would be to see a Urologist. It may turn out you just need some time to heal, but if it's more serious than that, I hope you get the right treatment & best wishes for a full recovery.
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