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Possible penis damage after inguinal hernia repair


I had a right-side inguinal hernia repaired in December 2020.  Immediately afterward, my erections were no longer slightly curved up.  Instead, it now emerges from my groin upward for about an inch, then bends, so it's horizontal, then about the last third dips downward.  It FEELS like there is something pulled tight across the base underside, which is preventing it from going properly erect.  I can still orgasm, and they are a bit more intense, as if the skin was pulled tighter.  Intercourse is problematic, as the bends increase potential for more bending while thrusting.  My penis is fine when flaccid, but as soon it starts to arouse, it bends.

I told the hernia surgeon about it.  He said it might be due to aging, and referred me to a urologist.  Before I saw the urologist, I found out about Peyronie's disease, but the examples I've seen are bent up or sideways.  The urologist examined me, figured I had Peyronie's, and later put a scope up my urethra.  Everything was fine.  He then referred me to a urology surgeon, who said I could have surgery that would shorten my penis during the repair, spend $ 30,000.00 on Xiaflex, or use a traction device.

Neither of the urologists said anything when I said it started right after the surgery.  I can't see how traction would help with a flaccid penis, and I don't think I'll be able to maintain an erection for 30 minutes twice daily in a traction device.  Also, one would think that Peyronie's would occur over time, not instantaneously.

Anyone know if the hernia repair process involves tightening up structures that could have this result?


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Damage to the suspensory ligament. A cut suspensory ligament will cause the erection to bend downwards.
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Thanks for your response.

My observation is, if the ligament was damaged, the erection would still be straight, but not as erect as usual.  In my case, there is a double bend downward, and it feels like something is preventing it from fully rising.  There is significant discomfort if adequately aroused.
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Hi Marcnoel, I wish I had an answer but I'm experiencing similar problems since my hernia surgery. My penis erect pre-surgery was 2:00 position but post-surgery is 4-5:00. Erection is evident but to move it to 2:00 it feels like something is pulling it down in the underside of shaft. It is now starting to have a downward bend in the middle. It's like something is attached below but not from above. I also have pain during sex most of the time. My surgeon has never heard of this. My urologist did not have an answer either.
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Thanks for your reply.
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