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Possible stricture from lichens sclerosis


I am new to this forum and about to go through a urologist visit to verify my slow stream and dripping. I have males lichens sclerosis and believe it may be a stricture in my urethra. Looking for up front help on what I should be asking and looking for. Seems like more info before helps tremendously. I realize the stricture needs to be verified, but wanted to get thoughts from everyone on their experiences so I can ask the right questions. I am going to a urologist with 25 years of experience but I am not sure their are too many urologist that understand this fully. I am also in the northeast near the big cities so looking for thoughts on hospitals that others have used that may do urethroplasties on an of the basis.. doctors as well.  
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I think this website is helpful and is from a highly respected medical organization in the Northeast.  http://www.columbiaurology.org/urethroplasty
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Thanks GuitarRox. Will look into it
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