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Post Vascectomy Pain?

I had a vacectomy back in July of 2000. Everything has been fine up till a few months ago.
I have been experiancing intermittent pain in the the area of my prostate. Appears to be on both left and right of the prostate, possibly the seminal vesicle area. I have set up an appointment to be screened for prostate cancer, but my family doctor does not think that it is the cause of the pain. He is unable to help me. (Fairly new general practioner).

The pain is not constant (Intermittent , both sharp and aching.) Sometime no pain at all. I am not sure if the pain is related to sexual activity or not, although I have noticed an increase in the the amount of pain either during or shortly after sex. But sometimes no pain at all. Intermittent, but becoing more frequent.
I would appreciate a bit of advise as to what to ask my doctor (or a uroligist) or if anyone would know what the problem ,etc. Thank you.

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In terms of complications from vasectomy, here are some possibilities that you could ask your urologist about:

Sperm granuloma — A sperm granuloma occurs infequently in up 40% of folks. It is a mass that develops in reaction to leaking sperm at the cut end of the vas. Antiinflammatory medications like ibuprofen can be helpful. It's not harmful, sometimes it needs to be removed surgically if too painful.

Congestion — a sensation of fullness occurs in up to 6%. Tissues on the surface of the testicle (epididymis) becoming distended from stored sperm cells. It resolves after a few weeks and requires no treatment.

Chronic pain — Up to 6% get this, and it's hard to figure out why.
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