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Post Vasectomy Sex Drive and plaisure Gone Does a Reversal help ? Please answer !!

I had a vasectomy 5 months ago, like many my sex drive is down, i have softer errections and they are harder to achieve and my plaisure/orgasm are way weaker... i am demanding a reversal. Any one had similar experience and had a reversal done ? PLEASE USE THIS POST TO TRACK YOUR FEED BACK IF YOU HAD A REVERSAL, I WILL POST HERE AFTER I GET IT DONE, thx !!
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Before you do that, you should get your hormone levels checked. Rule out any other possible causes, which will be easy to do - blood tests, perhaps a prostate exam. These would be coincidental, and not caused by the vasectomy, but rule those out before undergoing a procedure that may not fix it.

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I agree w/ this advice - make sure it’s not a Low-T issue first before proceeding...
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