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Post ejeculation pain

53 year old. Married 29 years with 3 children. Have had excruciating pain following ejaculation for at least 15(?) years. History: Rt. testicle nodule biopsy (beneign) early 1980's. Vasectomy in 1989. Have seen 4 different urologists (all @ same center). First MD treated chronic prostititis with wide aray of antiobiotics. Next MD (sexual disfunction expert) performed cystoscope and TUNA. Next MD performed TURP. Current MD last week performed prostate biopsy due to elevated PSA in 3 month bloodwork.(results-negative). Have been taking testestorone injections on and off  for approx.10 yrs. due to documented testosterone deficency (also tried patch and gel-no results). Have been informed there is nothing else that  can be done and will "just have to live with it !" Running out of money and prostate...please help! Is there someone who specializes in this problem that you would recomend?
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Hello Tyler27,

I do understand your concern. What has been the precise diagnosis? It is marked as just testosterone deficiency or any specific cause has been elaborated. Moreover, are there signs of inflammation? Answers these questions would further help.

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Thank you for your response. There are years of history here and I don't have my records, but I will try to recall as accuratly as possible. My first urologist did the normal exam and lab work and diagnosed me with "chronic prostititus". Over the next few years, he prescribed many different antibiotics. Of them, two seemed to start giving me some relief just an my prescription ran out. I expressed my feelings of slight improvement to him, but he would prescribe something different.
Went to urologist #2 who was known to be an expert in dealing with sexual problems. Proceeded with exam,sonagram and cystoscope. He informed me that I may have some sort of a blockage and that my prostate may be enlarged even though it wasn't indicated by sonagram or digital exam. I agreed to the TUNA (which was done with only a local anesethetic, tough!!). Did not abate the problem.
I was refered to another urologist who did the same routine of tests and decided that all that was left to do was the TURP, which we did...with no improvement.
As that was his only hope for improvement, I went to urologist #4 who ordered a test that measures how much fluid your bladder retains after voiding. I passed out before the test was completed. In reviewing my records, the Dr. noted that my hemoglobin level was "off the chart", according to him. He started doing bloodwork every other day to graph my hemoglobin, testosterone and psa.
Note: I haven't made any testosterone for years and was started on injections by urologist #1. Off and on for years I was given injections (also tied the patch and androgel which didn't work). I was diagnosed with chronic testosterone defiency. When urologist #4 noted my elevated hemoglobin levels I had been receiving testosterone injections by my family doctor who wasn't giving me shots on any regular schedule or dosage. I might get a large dose (which made me feel like superman) and then may not get another for a month, then shots each week. By then I felt totally wiped out and couldn't function.
Urologist #4 got my testosterone and hemoglobin levels within exceptable range and I have felt better but still have the post eja. pain to which urologist #4 won't even discuss as he says that nothing else can be done and that I just need to live with it. I can't believe there isn't anything else that can be done!
Two weeks ago I had my normal bloodwork (every 3 months now) done followed by a call that my psa was off and I needed a prostate biopsy which I had last Tuesday. The resluts came back negative, but during the proceedure my doctor stated that the biopsies had calcium in them which indicated chronic prostitis over a very long time-years.
p.s. All (4) aforementioned urologists are partners and co-owners in a private(not assoc. with any hospital) urology center which is suppose to be on the "cutting edge". Is it time for me to "move on"?
History: Mid. 80's: Rt. testicle removed and replaced for a nodule biopsy-beneign.
             Current Medications: Testosterone: 100mgs IM every 13 days
                                             Benicar: 40 mgs daily for hi-B.P.
                                             Lexapro: 10 mgs daily for depression and anxiety
Note: I have been on some type of anti-depressant since June 2001 due to loosing a child in an auto accident.
Thanks in advance for any relief you can give me!
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What is your situation now ?
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