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Potassium Rise


What are the chances of sudden acute renal failure of both kidneys, causing absolutely no symptoms whatsoever?

Is it possible for this condition to completely go unnoticed until severe hyperkalemia set in?  Thus causing dangerous complications of hyperkalemia before even knowing complete renal failure was present?

Many thanks.
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I have seen this in the past. It is not common, in my experience, however. Unfortunately Med Help does not have a nephrology forum for nephrologists and internests (internal medicine physicians) are the ones who would see this more frequently than urologists. A search of Pubmed and Google Scholar did not reveal any relevant references.
When you talk about symptoms, realize that patient perception figures into these. What one person feels may be a meaningless leg swelling or some shortness of breath or tiredness may be of great concern to another and cause them to seek medical care early.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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