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Pouch below meatus during urination w/photo

This question regards the skin right below the meatus of the glans penis. Im 24 yr old circumcised male and for quite a long time after constant inflammation and meatitis (gone now), the skin right below the meatus (small patch, not the whole underside) ranges from slightly red to bright red and looks wrinkly/scaly. The redness gets worse after ejaculation. I must also point out that during urination, this area pouches out due to the force of the stream and I think because this skin is just weak/not much support in general(maybe from constant inflammation?). this causes my urine stream to be wobbly and not straight, however when i squeeze or hold this area during urination the stream is perfectly fine. The inflamed meatus has gotten better over the years and is pretty much healed, however it is just this strange looking patch of skin right below the meatus and the fact that it pouches out during urination that worries me. I have been to a urologist who said it was interesting and to come back if I need to. What do you think?
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Well, thank you for the high res image. That may be related to the long term inflammation. I believe the urologist was likely expecting it would shrink over time and if it does not to go back.
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hi how did you get rid of the meatitis?
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