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Powerful / Strong Urine Smell and Groin Pain

I am a 42 year old male. Recently, within the past six months, I have had periodically very, I mean VERY strong urine smell when I urinate (on occassion after intercourse with my wife). So strong, I have to hold my breath when I go to the bathroom. It smells, to the best of my description, like strong medicine that's gone bad. I'm not taking any medicine aside from my HBP medicine that I've taken for 17 yrs. The only other symptom I have are that I've had frequent bouts with groin pulls during the same period, and I have mild headache and nasea when the smell is really bad. Also, at times I sweat while sleeping and I can smell the same smell although it is much milder than when I urinate. Again, it comes and goes, but is VERY , VERY strong right now - almost unbearable.
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If you have been on medication for controlling hypertension for the past 17 years, it is essential that you have regular kidney function tests to assess the function of the kidney.
Hypertension itself causes kidney damage if inadequately controlled and certain medications have been known to cause damage to the kidney tissue as well.

Strong smell in the urine can be due to dehydration, protein in urine (due to high BP), increased ammonia in urine (dehydration or infection), or due to certain metabolic disorders.

Pain in the groin or during ejaculation can be due to a prostate inflammation or infection and will need further evaluation in the form of physical examination and investigations.

You will need to consult your doctor or a urologist to have your kidney function evaluated and to check for any prostate enlargement. Meanwhile, ensure that your fluid intake is over 2000 ml per day, avoid trying to hold urine when you have the urge to urinate, and avoid irritants such as alcohol and caffeine.

Another very rare possibility is that you may have a disorder with the metabolism of methionine or trimethylaminuria and this could be the reason for the odor in the urine and sweat. However, have the common conditions ruled out first.

Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
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