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Precutaneous nephrostomy

  Since 1977, I have had a history of 18 stones and numerous Prostate infections. Back in March of 98 I had ESWL to crush a 10mm stone. The stone was crushed but would not exit the kidney. After many prostate and kidney infections, the Dr. decided to do the nephrostomy. On August 17&18 it was performed, the stones were removed. However during the surgery I received 2nd degree burns inside and outside at the nephrostomy site. I had about an 8 x 11 section of my side covered in huge blisters. No one will tell me how it happened. The Operating Room Nurses think it was a saline warmer that malfunctioned. It looks like someone poured battery acid on my skin. After many weeks of free skin care and Duoderm patches at the hospital my outside has finally healed. I am still having infections and pain in my kidney. I am very fatigued at just a short walk or ride in a car. At times my kidney feels like it is being squeezed to the point of nausea. . I am in the process of changing Urologist, however I have to wait 3 weeks to see the new doctor. I am out of work, please offer some advice.
Dear JR.
Sorry to hear about your complicated kidney stone course.  Has your urologist performed any further X-rays to see if the kidney is blocked by a stone fragment or stricture?   Once this has been ruled out there should not be pain arising from the kidney itself.  I am not sure what happened to your skin to cause it to blister.  It is possible the same injury could be on the inside too but it should have healed if the outside has healed.  You may have musculoskeletal pain or incisional pain.  This may need a referral  to an anesthesia pain clinic for evaluation if the pain becomes chronic.  Hopefully you can tolerate the situation until you meet with your new urologist.  If not there is always the emergency room.  Once this has been sorted out, the best thing you should do  is increase your fluid intake to the point your urine is always the color of water. If it is yellow you are forming stones.   The next best thing you and your new urologist to do is to perform a metabolic stone evaluation to find out why  you make stones so that you can prevent them before they form.    
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