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Prevention and effects of medication

  I have been having UTIs for a year now. 24 hours after
  I have an intercourse almost everytime I get the symptoms and
  my physician gives me some antibiotics (usually cipro for 7 days)
  and advises me to drink a lot of juices and to urinate right after
  the intercourse. I always get a urine test upon finishing the antibiotics
  and my urine usualy comes up clean.
  Even though I have been following al the advises I have no luck!
  It keeps coming back everytime I have an intercourse!
  At the same time, having these infections constantly frustrated
  me so bad that I do not want to have sex anymore.( I can almost
  say that I hate it)when I do have an intercourse it feels painful
  and I have to stop right away.
  Is there any permanent cure for this terrible infection??-----------------------------------------------
Dear Jasmine,
I am surprised that there have not been more comments on your question. This is a very common problem with which urologists are asked to deal daily.
Almost all women have bacteria in their bladders following sexual intercourse. Most of the time these bacteria wash out with urinating. In some women the bacteria are able to establish themselves in the bladder lining and thus a cystitis occurs. By taking a single dose of an antibiotic (my choice is usually nitrofurantoin - Macrodantin 50 mg.) immediately after or  the morning following sexual intercourse these infections are prevented.
Good luck!
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