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Probable UTI? HELP!?

hello people i sometimes feel lower abdominal pain before urinating, after i urinate it goes away, i also sometimes feel vibrations in my perineum (i believe it is my prostate), this morning i urinated and afterwards i had like an itchy sensation in the beginning of the meatus. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP
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I'm not a doctor, but I know there are Many possible things it could be or contributing factors

Certain STD's, Allergic Reaction to a substance, Jock itch if your feeling an itch and perhaps even a yeast infection, with or without obvious symptoms or appearance in my case, I've also had similar problems especially the itching which has led me to believe that mine is a possible yeast infection, you may have to change your diet if your eating or drinking junk food too, which is better for you anyways, my suggestion is go get checked by a doctor and start ruling out things so you can narrow it down, also if your sexually active with more than one partner or they are and not protected, all parties should get checked.

One: Have you been tested for STD's, if not and your sexually active, it's highly recommended so you can rule that out or find the cause

Two:  If you feel it may be your prostate, you should get that checked too, could be possible Prostatitis as well, if that's the case then you may require antibiotics

Three: Stay clean and keep good personal hygiene, don't let that area build up moisture either cause bacteria will thrive on it, keep it dry, wear loose clothing when possible and cotton underwear, drink lots of water, at least 8 bottles a day to flush out system, depending on what it is I suggest adjusting your diet and lifestyle accordingly.

My thread and if it is a yeast infection, you can read what I did at the bottom, it may help
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Btw I also read that the infection can work it's way up into the prostate also so if that is the case that may explain what your feeling as far as your prostate goes, just guessing but you should get checked regardless IMO, don't take any chances and start getting the answers and treatment you need.
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Hey, sorry for the late reply, now im feeling better it has been like 2 months since i dont feel vibrations on the perineum, but it lasted like 3 months so im not forgeting about that. btw i do think it was a yeast infection because whenever i had blowjobs over that time the head of my penis got this red dots all over it and they always went away like in a week. i stopped having the bjs and took some fluconazole pills and all done! im scared of having bjs now because i dont want the infection to return
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