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Problems after prostatitis

Two years ago I went to the doctor with a burning sensation that occurred during urination. I was diagnosed with a UTI. They prescribed cipro to treat it. The symptoms continued and the cipro didn't help. Due to no insurance I lived with the pain. Six months later I went to a GP and he diagnosed me with prostatitis. He prescribed Cipro and Flomax. This helped for a while, but eventually it stopped. Next I went to a urologist. He took a history and did a dre. He said my prostate felt inflamed and I did indeed have prostatitis. The pain was quite severe at this point and I was having problems urinating. He prescribed doxycycline and flomax. This seemed to work for a little while. I returned three months later and told him of my status. I explained that the pain was still present and I was experiencing coldness in the tip of my penis. He prescribed Bactrim and Uroxatral. This helped, but faded like the previous attempts. Over the course of the past two years I have been pumped full of antibiotics. The last one was 750 mg of Levaquin. This is some serious stuff. I thought I was going to die at one point. This took care of the pain and I have regained normal urinary function. During the entire time I have given countless urine samples and they have all come back clean. My testosterone has been tested and was well within the normal range. Since the onset of this malady, I am unable to have sex. My libido is all but dead and erections are a distant memory.  My urologist gave me samples of ED meds, but I want a permanent solution. Are there any options for me? I need to know where to go from here.  I am open to medicinal suggestions as well as homeopathic options. Two years ago I had an active sex life and a very strong libido. Please help!
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    How are you? So many physical and psychological situations can cause erectile dysfunction, in fact, that a man should consider brief periods of impotence to be as normal as having a cold. In your case has there been a diagnosis made or the cause has been identified for erectile dysfunction? Erection is caused by the action of muscles, blood vessels, nerves and hormones.
As you mentioned your hormone levels are in the normal range, other factors which influence erection need to be evaluated. Any vascular abnormalities, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac problems, psycological problems can lead to ED.
After evaluation, the required treatment depending upon the cause can be considerted.Sildenafil,levitra, cialis are the drugs which can be used in treatment. Other modes of treatment are penile implants, vaccum devices, intracavernosal injection therapy etc.
Consult your doctor and discuss the possible options foe therapy and follow his advise.
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Thank you for reading my post. I am 5'11", 168 pounds.  I am in perfect health otherwise. My blood pressure is normal, cholesterol is normal, no diabetes, I am not overweight, no drugs, no alcohol and no psychological conditions. I asked my urologist if there is anything else we could try and he told me that I will have to live with it. That made me a little angry. I am not so easily deterred. I am considering another urologist. On top of everything else, the prostatitis symptoms are coing back. Difficulty urinating and lower back pain. I definitely need to make an appointment somewhere. Does cialis treat ED or is just a band-aid? I want to find a permanent solution.  I have been trying the herb Maca. It is supposed to help hormonal imbalance. I figured something must be messed up after two years of antibiotics. I have been sleeping better since I have been taking it. My heart goes out to anyone that has to go through this. Between the pain, the scrutiny and the embarrassment, this has been the worst experience of my life. Thanks again.
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