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Prostate or something else? I hope anyone can read this carefully

Hello, It is my first time here. I am 18 years old male and I have never have any serious health issue. But for the last 4 months I have experience a slight feeling of urgent to pee even after peeing (it seems like a pain or something that makes me feel that I need to pee again). It is not so painful but you got the "pee sensation" which is kind of uncomfortable. I also feel a pain in my anus whenever I poop. I have taken my health so well but I don't know what happened.

Last week I read so much forums about UTI, prostatitis, urology before having an appoinment to a doctor. I read every forums; treatments, causes and understand it even I don't know what my issue is. The symptoms may match but I don't know what really is happening.

I have taken my appoinment and do the following: urine culture, bladder ultrasound. The doctor now say all the test are negative and I have no issues with UTI, kindey or bladder. But why would I still have this issue? I ask him wether my issue is "prostatitis" or what. I masturbate once a day and have no sexual intercourse yet. He said that if this is "prostatitis" I should stop masturbating for 1 month and see the results. He said that he wouldn't give me antibiotics because I am too young (18) and men with antibiotics in prostatitis are usually 50 or above.

I really want any help from you guys and I hope you can understand my situation.


*Urgent to pee/"pee sensation" after peeing

*masturbate regularly

*Urine culture, bladder ultrasound are negative

*Doctor said kidney,bladder, urine system is ok

*Doctor said might be prostatitis because I am too young he would'nt give me antibiotics that would cost side effects and such

Sorry for my bad english but I hope anyone can help me. Thanks in advance
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"*Doctor said kidney,bladder, urine system is ok"

I'm not a doctor, but my guess is that you are correct. I don't know why an 18 year old could not develop in infection in the prostate gland.

He should have at least done a digital examination to check for inflamation. If you are having pain in that area during a bowel movement, the swelling should be apparent during a digital exam.

Maybe you can afford to get a second opinion from another doctor?
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