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Prostatitis - Contagious?

Posted By lcg on February 18, 1999 at 22:30:06:

My bofriend has been diagnosed with prostatitis.  
He has suffered from it for years and was told
years ago that he could not transmit it to anobody
else.  He was prescribed an antibiotic (I can't
remember the name of it) which he uses when the
condition flares up.  I am concerned that the
antibiotic will be ineffective since it is expired,
but my main concern is that any fluid secreted from
him may carry bacteria that could infect me.  I
asked my doctor this question at a recent visit and
she confirmed this.  In addition to this, I would
like to know if stimulation of the perineum will
cause this condition to flare up or worsen.  
Thank you for any information on this matter.

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