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Prostatitis, balanoposthitis, or both?

Hello. I am 37 years old. Some time ago, and after using a condom i started to notice a fish smell from my penis, and the foreskin started to get a bit stuck on the glans, like it was dry. I also started to have a very mild needle like pain while urinating. I went to a doctor and he said it was balanoposthitis.I didn't have any redness or other visible symptoms though. I applied some cremes he gave me, but they didn't help. After a while i noticed a whitish liquid coming out of the urethra, so i went again. He did urethral swabs (ouch) even though i hadn't had sex in a long time, and send them to the lab. It turns out i had an e.coli infection so he gave me doxycycline for a week. Symptoms persisted, so i went to another doctor and after a short rectal exam where he pressed against the prostate and it kinda hurt, he immediately said it was prostatitis, and that i didn't have balanitis. But I didn't have any pain on the prostate though, or any other symptoms like frequent or difficult urination. He said the pain from the prostate can sometimes radiate to the penis, the urethra e.t.c. So he gave me ofloxacin ( a quinolone) for 1 month. Now the month is almost over and the symptoms still persist, the mild needle like feeling in the urethra, the smell, the dryness. The last few days I also noticed that when i pull the foreskin, there is something like smegma, which i don't think was there before. So now, i 'm ready to go back to the doctor and see what he tells me, and also thinking of going to another doctor to get another opinion.

I think it is possible that i have both balanitis and prostatitis. The second doc told me that the smell could also be from prostatitis, but on the net i only find results with fishy odor from urine in prostatitis. From what i have read, the antibiotics can take up to 6 weeks to work for prostatitis due to how slow they penetrate the area. I surely had the e.coli infection, but I am now wondering if the infection is gone and i only have balanitis, or if i ever had prostatitis to begin with. Reading up on the net on all of these certainly does not help. I would be glad to hear your input on this.
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You should get your prostate fluid tested for all kinds of bacteria and virus to find out exact cause in order to take proper antibiotic.
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