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Prostatitis and Hernia and Kidney pain! HELP!

Ongoing mystery:  Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.  Original symptoms include dull pain in the upper right groin (in pubic hair region) and soreness on the right side of my scrotum and right testicle.  It reached the point where my right testicle was continuously raising in and out of the groin (when bending over or lifiting) and then a sharp pain shot through my lower abdomen/right groin (below my belly button).  Since this originally occurred at work, I went to our designated work clinic.  First guess by the doctor was either a pulled groin or a hernia.  I was put on restricted duty for a total of three months and received an ultrasound to confirm a hernia.  While waiting for ultrasound approval (which took several weeks) I became worse and more symptoms began to occur, including: severe constipation, severe gas pressure on my left side, pain in my penis and bladder, pain in my penis when urinating, urgency, a tight scrotum with ultra-sensitive "burning" skin, and an occassional rash on my hands, feet and abdomen.  The clinic doctor did not think that any of this was related to my initial injury and told me to go see my personal doctor, which I did.  As a result, I ended up having two ultrasounds (one from the clinic and one from my personal doctor).  The clinic ultrasound showed a small defect at the base of my groin and could not be confirmed as a hernia.  The ultrasound from my personal doctor showed a kidney stone in my left kidney and slightly increased lymph nodes.  On 05/06/10, I was released back to work and told to come back when the hernia was worse (or showing a buldge).  Since that time, I have seen two Urologists, have had multiple xrays, blood work and urine tests (the blood and urine all come back clean).  I have had a VCUG to check my bladder, lithotripsy to remove the kidney stone from my left kidney, an MRI of my pelvis and abdomen, a CT scan of my pelvis and abdomen, lasix renal scan and cytoscopy of my penis.  The cytoscopy showed a ring a scar tissue in my urethra and is probably causing most of the pain in the penis when urinating, but what about the rest?  In the middle of all these tests, I was diagnosed with Bacterial Prostatitis (due to a "squishy" prostate exam) and was put on Cipro for 30 days with no effect.  I was then diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis and put on Avodart (still taking) with no effect.  I am now on Levaquin in addition to the Avodart and there is no change to the symptoms (which now includes major pain/pressure in my perinium, scrotum and extreme pressure in my anus).  My last appointment was five days ago at UCLA medical center and they are once again focusing on prostatitis.  But I think there is more going on, especially with my continued constipation (I move my bowels about once every 3-5 days) and gas pressure built up on my left side (which requires me to lay down on my left side and to push on my stomach in order to move the gas).  I have a history of kidney stones and already have another calcium deposit that has developed in my left kidney (just 5 months after lithotripsy!).  I also suffer from low testosterone and GERD and take Testim and Nexium, daily.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Is there such a thing as a hernia that can't be seen on ulrasound?  Can a back injury cause these symptoms (the middle of my back has hurt during all this time, but only when in certain positions.  Dead center, on spine.)  Should I go see a "gastro" doctor?  ***Thanks for reading and any and all feedback!***
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No solution for your problems, but I have had simmilar symptoms.

I have had problems with prostatitis since my early 20's. In 1995, I underwent a TURP and resection of the bladderneck to remove an obstruction. Surgery worked great for about 6 months when symptoms returned again. A urodynamics test in 1996 showed that I have a neurogenic bladder.

In 2006, I underwent emergency surgery to have an incarcerated right inguinal hernia repaired. Prior to that I lost my left testicle due to a severe strep infection. Before I went in for the hernia surgery, I was told that ther may be a risk of loosing the remaining right testicle. I refused to sign the conscent form and was pleased to wake up from surgery with my right testicle intact. One problem that I do have now, is that the right testicle seems to fixed high in the scrotum. When I'm cold, it does not look like I have any testicles at all. Today 5 years later, I still experience pain in the area of the hernia scar.

I still experience problems with prostatitis, and recently had bouts of severe constipation, fecal retention. Having gone on a softer food diet has helped some.
The fecal retention has caused a lot of abdominal cramping and also has an effect on the prostatitis. Currently I also have a hole between my prostate and rectum, most likely caused from previous surgery or self catheterization.

Today at times when I try to sleep on my right side, I experience pain in the area of the hernia.

I think that it might help you to see a gastro, to rule out other possible causes.

Good luck,

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First off, THANK YOU for taking the time to comment!  I really appreciate it.  I've made an appointment to see a gastro doctor so we'll see what happens with that...  

Thinking back, do you remember what some of your original symptoms were (the small warning signs)?

Thanks again for your time,

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I'm not sure which warning signs you are talking about.

For the hernia, I was born with undescended testicles and the right one never came down untill I was about 12 - 13. The right testicle would also at times go back up in the inguinal area. Later in my early teens up to 2006, I could feel the area bulge or pop out while lifting thinks or coughing and sneezing. In 2006, I woke up with a large painful lump in the right inguinal region.

As for the abdominal cramping and recent bowel problems, I sort of have had it on and off since child hood. On one ocasion, prior to my teen years I ended up in hospital with severe abdominal pain and the inability to have a bowel movement. Doctors at first thought that it was due to a twisted bowel. From my teen years to current, I have many problems with abdominal pain and cramping. Most of the time when my family and I are out shopping or other activivty that takes me out of the home, I always need to know where the public bathrooms are. Also when I eat out it seems to give me gastro problems.
The neurogenic bladder was not diagnosed untill 1996. As a child I remember ocasions where I had the sensation to urinate, but once at the toilet or urinal I was unable to do so.

I'm not sure if this is the information that you are looking for. If you feel that I can address other concerns, please feel free to contact me.


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Thanks for the history/info, Ron.  I'm just trying to get as much info I can from other people, websites, etc...  The doctors that I've gone to never spend a lot of time with me and never listen to some of the "little things" that I find more and more as signs and symptoms.  So I'm on a quest to figure out what my body is telling me...

Aside from all the stuff I already wrote about, some of the others issues that I'm concentrating on is the strain/hernia of my groin and when it bothers me...  It's not just when I'm lifting items when it bothers me, but also when I'm just sitting down (like now).  When my stomach muscles are completely relaxed, the right side of my scrotum and the crease between my groin and thigh becomes "inflamed", for lack of a better word.  The right side of the scrotum becomes tight and sensitive and the right testicle raises.  Also, if I bend from the waist to touch my toes, my penis retracks inside my body quite a bit now.

It never fails that when I'm at the doctors office that most of my symptoms are gone.  Two doctors say that I have a small inguinal hernia, and two say that I have no hernia at all.  So who knows.  All I know is that things aren't right.

Also, my food intake drastically changes how my body feels (specifically my left side, left kidney area, gas pressure and buildup and groin pain).  If I eat a standard size meal or more, most of my symptoms get worse.  If I lay off food and stick to one to two bite meals scattered throughout the day, my body seems to handle that better.  Or just not eat at all and stick with water or diet shakes.

Another observation is that when I've take the Cipro and Levaquin (currently), they both help me move my bowels.  Which is great since I'm usually not moving anything for days at a time.  I started Levaquin last week and have gone almost every day since I started it.  The bad news is that I'm starting to have really bad side effects from the Levaquin and I'm probably going to stop taking it (waiting to hear from my doc).  Can't handle the side effects...  The Cipro did the same thing months ago (felt a little better from the bowel alleviation), but as soon as I was done all the pressure and back up came back...

Thanks again for your time,

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Have you take pro biotic with your antibiotics ? Because it you don't you amiune system  can be susepticle to yeast infection and you can get, Candida
I'm taking antibiotics so just in case I'm also taking pro biotics
Some one here mantion the glass of water test at home
Wich is take a clear glass of water n spit on it wait n see if strings are hanging down the water if the water it clears after 5 minutes then you don't have it but if you see the strings in the water like icecles you may have candida
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