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Prostatitis, herpes..?

At month 4. I have started to notice a cycle.

Not sure in what order.

Pressure in the pelvic region. (Hairy patch above penis) moves down to right testical. (Few days maybe a week)

Then irritation of meatus not sore to touch might have some redness but on/off irritation.
(1-2 weeks)

Then i fell almost 100% normal for a week or so.

Then redness and feeling of burning on the underside of penis shaft. (Little over a week)

1 doctor and 3 std clinic nurses have told me its not herpes,

At 8 weeks igg was neg
All std's have tested neg.
Hiv, clym, gono, hsv swab, sphylis,

On tuesday at the clinic. the 3rd std clinic nurse kindly suggested im a hypocontriac.....never have been and dont think i am now.

She said "this is not herpes, and its not an std" her words.

Anyone have any ideas or issues that relate??

Thanks so much!!
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