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Prostatitis or could it be epididymitis?

Hope someone can help. Been haveing this problem off and on for over 5yrs but usualy only last a week but this has been going on since Dec.13, 2009. It started out with a burning feeling  on the left side of my penis for about a week and then my left testicle started to ache, a little at first but after another week it was throbbing to the point where I couldn't stop thinking about it and I couldn't sit comfortably. My testicle dosn't realy hurt if I touch it, but it is throbbing. I went to my GP and he said he didn't see anything wrong  and the burning feeling may be a skin earitation and the testicle pain may be due to lifting something heavy and he told me to take Advil or Ibruprofin and it should go away.He also did a prostate exam and said that it felt normal. Well, another 2 weeks go by and burning pain and testicle pain still there so I have my GP reffer me to a urologist who checked my testicle and had  me do a urine test and said he thinks its reffered pain from a pinched nerve and to do some back exercises and it should go away. He also had me get a MRI to check for kidney stones and it came back negetive. Another 2-3 weeks go by and the burning and pain in my testicle is still there and now my scrotum feels warm and moist and the tip of my penis has a burning feeling and I have a feeling that I can only describe as being able to feel my ureatra from the base of my scrotum up to the tip of my penis and it almost feels like it is being squeezed. It dosn't burn when I urinate and I have no blood in my urine or discharge. I do have a little pain in my lower abdomin on the left side. So last week while in the shower I checked my left testicle and I found a lump the size of a large BB off to the side of my left testicle. That night I was up almost all night in pain trying to find a comfortable position to sleep. I called the urologist the next day and they got me in last wednesday 2/24/2010. The urologist checked it out and said that the epididimus was a little large but nothing to worry about and told me to  check it again in 2 weeks and if it gets bigger to call him, he then checked my prostate and said it was fine but he said he thinks this is all prostatitis and gave me a prescription for Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim for 14 days and says it take care of it. When he gave me the prostate exam he asked if I felt anything and I said i felt a burning feeling shoot up my urethra but he just shook his head so I thought it was normal, but since he did the exam I have had this constant burning feeling in what I believe is my prostate. Its not as bad if i stand but it realy burns at times when I am sitting and gets worse in the evening , almost like it would feel after sitting on a bicycle seat for 10hrs. I've been on the antibiotics for a week now and have had no improvements, I've stopped drinking beer and have been drinking some cranberry juice which a few articles I have read said to do in case of a yeast infection. I am at wits end here, it's been almost 3 months and its only gotten worse. I mentioned epididymitis to the urologist and he pretty much cut me off and said its not that, but that lump is there and it feels a little bigger and harder than it was last week. I forgot to mention that I had a vasectomy 5 years ago so I am not sure if it is related to that at all.
ANY help would be greatfull.
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Forgot to mention that I have lower back pain and started getting pain in my pelvic area and inner thighs about a week ago. Bottom of left foot also tingley feeling and gets sore if I stand for a period of time.
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Sorry I can't help u, but s I m having similar prob for about 3-1/2 years. And I m searching for answers particularly as one of urologists has sent me for chlamydia and HSV testing though I do not have any urgency, bladder symptoms or disharge from penis. Yes, I did have pain on ejaculation for 3 months, until 15 days back when the second urologist (who ordered C/HSV) felt my prostate. It was very painful but since then there is no pain on ejaculation. Though now I am having urgent bowel movements (every second day and 2-3 times same day). Also now after prostate pressing I am having pain/pressure sense while passing stool.
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Just wanted to add that I now have back pain since my digital prostate exam. I do have back stiffness/pain since years, but this pain is definitely different and does not go away afte stretching.
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How are things now?  I am having the EXACT same issue.  I was in a car accident 1 year ago, went to the chiro for a bit and after one particular visit I noticed I was starting to get these symptoms.  After about 3 months it was REALLY bad and I went to the urologist.  He told me I had prostatitis and epididimydis (msp) and I have been on 2 different types of antibiotics, while things have settled down a bit, I still feel dull aches from time to time. I have pretty much disregarded this as being attributed to a bacterial infection (after taking antibiotics for 2 mos) and now I am going to self med this as a fungal / yeast infection.  If that doesn't work I can only guess this is a pinched nerve and will try the chiro route.

I will try and post any results so that it may help pther people.  
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My boyfriend has been having testicular pain with sex, usually close to ejaculation. I started looking for answers online. Found this site that might offer some answers: http://pelvicpainhelp.com/video/wise-anderson-protocol/. I haven't had the chance to watch all the videos, but I'm hoping it helps!
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