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Prostatitis question

46 year old male with a history of Prostatitis. Been on bactrim ds a bunch and cipro.. my symptoms are frequent urination and incomplete bladder emptying.. it’s annoying always have to pee and I can feel it get hot m.. on macrobid because they though uti but my urinalysis came back clean…… this stinks another other recommendations on how to get this fixed.. it’s highly annoying taking ibprofin as well
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Perhaps those antibiotics aren't the right one for the bacteria you have? I got an infection once and they gave me Cipro. Didn't work. Bacteria was resistant to cipro.
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What  did they give you?
If its bacterial prostatitis, and you have a UTI or similar, you need an 'antibiotic susceptibility test' performed on your urine. They can test your urine against like 20 or so ab's. Some will be resistant, some not. Obviously, take an antibiotic thats susceptible. It's worth a try. If you have a bacterial infection though, you might have other symptoms like odd smelling urine, burning, stinging etc.. Go for an AB that has good prostate penetration. Some dont pass as readily into that little walnut gland  - its well protected from allowing bacteria in, and likewise, allowing other things in to kill the bacteria.

You can also get this test done on semen - a semen culture. Though  I think the semen has to be fresh, and obviously, its there's a little more logistics involved in delivering a fresh semen sample. It's weird, but a prostate massage, and 'milking' of that gland, and the test performed on the secreted fluid (growing the the culture [if there] on an agar plate), would be the definitive gold standard for bacterial prostatitis identification of required antibiotic.
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